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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Emphasis

Boise State University offers clinically based, entry level students an opportunity to earn an on campus Bachelor of Science Degree, with an emphasis in MRI. Candidates must meet specific pre-requisite course requirements and apply to MRI on campus program via the application and interview process.  Students must complete the appropriate Boise State foundational studies requirements, the class requirements of the major and meet all Boise State policies to be granted a BS degree.

Program Description:

The MRI emphasis is designed to be a BS degree completion program or allow an individual to obtain a second Bachelor’s degree. The MRI course sequence proper is four semesters in length, consisting of integrated clinical and classroom education. Students are also required to meet additional required non-MRI courses, as well as the general education at Boise State University (foundations program). The goals of the MRI Emphasis are:

  1. To provide in-depth education and clinical experience necessary to prepare the student for the advanced level MRI registry examination to practice as a competent MRI specialist.
  2. To produce technologists who communicate appropriately, correlate patient history with protocol selection, review critical research, and critically assess situations as demanded by the profession.

A schedule of the current university enrollment fees, financial aid and student housing information can be obtained at or by calling the Boise State Admissions at 208-426-1156.

For More Information Contact:

Monica Breedlove
Phone: (208) 426-1382