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MRI Prerequisites

The applicant must be either a registered practitioner in good standing with their credentialing agency or a student completing the final semester of their practitioner training at the time of application. Added consideration will be given to the student who has completed the requirements for a Diagnostic Radiography Degree from Boise State University or an equivalent program. In addition, the following are required:

  • Prerequisite GPA must be greater than 2.50 with a minimum of 14 credits completed by the application deadline (C- will not be considered an acceptable grade for a prerequisite course. Grade acceptance for general university core not required in the prerequisite year will follow the Boise State policy). Prerequisite GPA will be determined using the +/- standards according to Boise State policy.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above
  • Submit program application by March 1 to include $20 application fee, three closed letters of reference, copies of transcripts, and resume
  • Completed or in process of completing pre-professional curriculum:
    • ENGL 101-102 Writing and Rhetoric I, II 6 credits
    • MATH 143 College Algebra (FM) 3 credits OR MATH 170 Calculus I (FM) 3 credits
    • MATH 153 Statistical Reasoning (FM) OR MATH 254 Statistical Methods (FM) 3 credits
    • BIOL 227 (FN) – 228 Anatomy & Physiology I and II, 8 credits
    • HLTH 101 Medical Terminology 3 credits
    • CHEM 101 & 101L Essentials of Chemistry I with Lab (FN) 4 credits OR CHEM 111 & 111L, General Chemistry with Lab (FN) 4 credits
    • PHYS 101 Introduction to Physics (FN) 4 credits or PHYS 106 Radiation Physics 3 credits
    • UF 100 and UF 200, 6 credits (may be taken during the summer prior to entering the program)
  • Attend personal interview, if invited