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Application Process

The four year Bachelor of Science Degree consists of a prerequisite freshman year (open to any student admitted to Boise State) and a three-year professional component (sophomore,  junior and senior years).  Students may complete the prerequisite freshman year and all core courses at another academic institution and transfer to Boise State University for the Diagnostic Radiology Emphasis.  Due to the limited space in the affiliate clinical sites, a limited number of students can be accepted into the professional phase.

Students wishing admission into the professional phase must submit a B.S. Diagnostic Radiology Program Admission Application and three References by 4:00 pm, March 1 of the application year.  Continuation into the professional phase of the program is contingent upon:

  • Cumulative GPA must be greater than 2.50 to be considered for candidacy
  • Prerequisite GPA must be greater than 2.60 with a minimum of 14 credits completed by the application deadline (C- will not be considered an acceptable grade for a prerequisite course. Grade acceptance for general university core not required in the prerequisite year will follow the Boise State policy). Prerequisite GPA will be determined using the +/- standards according to Boise State policy.
  • Students must prove minimal technical competency by passing the ITM 104, 105 and 106 placement test or equivalent (COBE Computer Placement Exam)
  • Applications will be accepted from students with only one remaining prerequisite to complete in the summer, but preference will be given to those students who have completed the required prerequisites by the end of the Boise State spring semester of application.
  • Acceptance is conditional on results of required Criminal Background Check.

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