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Program Vision, Mission, and Philosophy


The Radiologic Sciences Department will lead in creating educated, innovative medical imaging professionals who are advocates for patients and their profession within the communities they serve.


The Radiologic Sciences Department is dedicated to excellence in innovative medical imaging education throughout a variety of health care environments while serving diverse patient populations as leaders to benefit the community, state, and nation through faculty and student service, research, and professional expertise.


The Radiologic Sciences, Bachelor of Science  Programs are dedicated to providing present and future medical imaging technologists an educational experience with a solid professional knowledge base augmented with:

  • Critical thought
  • Effective writing and professional communication skills
  • Technological proficiency
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Professional experiences in a variety of health delivery environments
  • Cultivating an environment of interprofessional teamwork and patient advocacy
  • Participation in professional societies and service to the medical imaging profession
  • Opportunities to obtain credentials in advanced modalities

Graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and qualify to sit for national credentialing examinations.