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Transfer Policy

Transfer Student Policy for the Department of Radiologic Sciences

The Department of Radiologic Sciences recognizes generally three categories of transfer students:

  1. Individuals transferring to Boise State from another accredited institution to enter the Bachelor of Science Diagnostic Radiology Program.  These individuals may have a prior degree in another field, but are considered Pre-Radiology Entry Level Students 
  2. Individuals that have been accepted into another accredited, clinically-based imaging program but have not completed that program.  These individuals are seeking to transfer midway through the professional program and are termed Mid-Program Transfer Students.
  3. Individuals that are ARRT (R) certified, may or may not have a degree, and are requesting degree completion.  These students are considered Advanced Placement Students.

Pre-Radiology Entry Level Students

Any equivalent course (with exception to the RADSCI curricular courses) may be transferred from another accredited college or university or obtained through credit for prior learning. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at or at (208) 426-4249.

Mid-Program Transfer Students

(Defined as those students who have been accepted into, and taken courses at, another accredited Clinically-Based Imaging Program but have not completed the entire curriculum)

  • Student should contact the Boise State Radiologic Sciences Program Director for the program of interest with a request for transfer and forward all transcripts with descriptions of courses and/or syllabi (a reason for transfer should be included)
  • Student must complete all required Boise State programmatic prerequisite courses with a GPA equivalent to currently accepted entry level students
  • The Boise State Radiologic Sciences Program Director for the program of interest will request a waiver from student to review all information concerning progress in his/her current program and/or to speak with Program Director of transfer institution
  • The Boise State Radiologic Sciences Program Director for the program of interest, in consultation with faculty, will respond in writing to the request for transfer between programs.  If transfer is accepted, this response will include all requirements for program completion
  • Transfers will be contingent on program clinical space availability

Advanced Placement Students

(Defined as ARRT (R) or equivalent credentialed students working on the radiologic sciences BS degree requirements and are those who have already completed an AS, AAS or BS Radiologic Science degree from another accredited college of university)

  • Forward all transcripts to the Boise State Radiologic Sciences Program Director for the BS emphasis you wish to apply
  • Forward verification of current ARRT status (must be a currently registered radiographer in good standing)
  • The transfer AS degree will be submitted as equivalent to the lower division content in the Boise State Radiologic Sciences BS Diagnostic Radiology degree (all RADSCI 100/200 and potentially some 300 level courses) RADSCI 300/400 upper division course credit may potentially be obtained through direct course completion, challenge, or student portfolio if requisite knowledge can be proven)
  • The transfer AAS degree will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • The transfer BS degree will be considered as a second degree student
  • See: Boise State University Admissions Second Bachelor’s website

Students must meet all the requirements for bachelor degree completion through direct course completion or challenge/testing or transfer which includes:

  • All program requirements (special admission is required for Imaging Sciences, Sonography, CT and MRI emphasis)
  • All Boise State general education requirements and program prerequisites
  • All Boise State graduation policies towards granting a BS degree
  • Must have 40 credits of upper division coursework
  • Must take last 30 credits in residency
  • No more than 1/3 of the total credits required for graduation may be completed through any combination of all forms of experiential learning
  • Any other applicable Boise State graduation policies