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Second Bachelor’s Degree

A Nursing student practices at the Boise State lab

If you have earned a baccalaureate degree, either at Boise State or elsewhere, you must complete at least 30 additional upper-division credits at Boise State for each additional degree you wish to earn. You must also meet the course requirements in your major as well as those of the university.

In order to determine what courses you need to complete, take a copy of your college transcript(s) to the department chair of your major for review. The credits taken toward your previous baccalaureate degree are not transferred to Boise State or posted to your official Boise State transcript. However, you may need to use some of those courses as prerequisites for courses required in your second degree.


Admission Standards and Deadlines for Second Bachelor’s Degree Students

Admission to Boise State University for students seeking a second bachelor’s degree will be based on their cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and good academic standing at the last institution attended.

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from a non-regionally accredited college/university will be assessed for admission as a transfer or first-time student.

All application materials must be received by the following deadlines. Some scholarships may require applying before earlier dates to be eligible.

  • Fall/Summer Standard Application Deadline: August 1
  • Spring Standard Application Deadline: December 1

If you have questions about this admissions process, call the Admissions Office at (208) 426-1156. For questions about scholarship eligibility, call the Scholarships Office at (208) 426-1664.

Required Materials for Undergraduate Admission

To be considered for admission, you must provide by the deadline the following materials:

If you have questions about this process, call the Admissions Office at (208) 426-1156.