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At Boise State, you are considered a transfer student for admission and scholarship purposes if you have completed 14 or more transferable semester (21 quarter) credits after high school, from a regionally accredited college or university. If you have completed less than 14 credits after high school then you are asked to meet freshman admission requirements however, you may still be required to submit your college transcripts as they are part of your academic record.

As a transfer student, you’ll quickly discover that creating opportunities for your smooth transition to Boise State is our top priority. And once you arrive on campus, you’ll uncover new opportunities in each encounter.

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Transfer Resources

Admission Standards

What you need to be admitted

Transferring Credits

How credits transfer to Boise State


Transferring from CWI or CSI?

See How Your Credits Will Transfer

Curious how your college credits will transfer to Boise State? Use our Transfer Equivalency System (TES) to find out—even before you apply. You can use TES to search for the courses you’ve taken at other institutions.
See How Your Credits Transfer

Admission Standards and Required Materials

I Have Completed 14 or More Transferable Semester Credits After High School

Required Materials

Admission Standard:

  • A 2.25 cumulative GPA for all college work completed, AND are in good academic standing at the current/last institution you attended.


  • You have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, after graduating from high school, from a regionally accredited academic institution, AND have a cumulative 2.00 GPA or higher

*Applicants with a cumulative 2.00 – 2.24 GPA for all college work completed are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and are encouraged to provide a personal statement along with their admission materials. If you have less than a 2.00 GPA, you will not be eligible for degree-seeking admission. You may choose to attend Boise State as a non-degree seeking student. 

I Have Completed 1 - 13 Transferable Semester Credits After High School

Required Materials:

Admission Standard:

I Have Completed All of My Transferable Semester Credits While in High School, or Before Earning a GED

Required Materials:

Important: Although your college transcripts may not be required for admission purposes, your transcripts are needed to transfer your credit to Boise State. You are encouraged to send us official transcripts showing all of your college coursework at your earliest convenience.

Admission Standard:

I Am a Previously Dismissed Boise State Student Seeking Reinstatement

Required Materials:

Admission Standard:

  • A 2.25 cumulative GPA for all college work completed AFTER attending Boise State, AND have sat out the required time from Boise State.
    • 1st Dismissal: Fall or Spring Semester
    • 2nd Dismissal: Fall and Spring or Spring and Fall Semesters.
    • 3rd Dismissal: No Longer Eligible for Admission

I Am Pursuing a Second Bachelor's Degree

If you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and you would like to earn a second bachelor’s degree, you would be considered a Second Bachelor’s Degree student.
Learn more about second bachelor’s degrees

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