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As a transfer student, creating opportunities for your smooth transition to Boise State University is our top priority. Learn about how you can become a Bronco below.

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Transfer Admission Requirements

What do we mean by transferrable credit?

Admissions will use your total number of academic GPA credits completed after high school at a regionally accredited college or university when determining whether or not you are a transfer student. On occasion, credits that are not used by Admissions in classifying you as a transfer student might apply to your degree, depending on your major.

The following credits DO NOT count towards the needed transferrable academic credits for admission purposes

    • Credit from Joint Services Transcript or ACE Prometric
    • Credit for prior learning
    • Technical and Vocational credit
    • Credit with pass/fail grade
    • Credit from a college/university that is not regionally accredited
    • Credit earned from AP and/or CLEP exam
    • Remedial credits and credits bellow 100 level (a 095 course, etc.)
    • Dual/concurrent enrollment credit*

*Dual/concurrent enrollment credit is considered in your overall transfer GPA but does not count towards the credit that makes you a transfer student for admissions purposes.

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