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Open Swim

Things to know for Open Lap Swim:

    • Sharing lanes is an essential part of Lap Swim. It is always nice to have your own lane, but pools often see two people splitting the lane (each person takes a side) or circle swimming with 3 or more (just like driving, stay to the right). With no lane restrictions, please be prepared to share a lane if necessary. Thank you!
    • Lanes are a first come, first serve basis, with splitting a lane (for two) or circle swimming (for three or more) encouraged.
    • Check in with the Aquatics Staff upon arrival to help us keep track of usage and better serve you.
    • Our pool is laid out below. Lanes 1-6 are our Multipurpose Pool, with our Rec Pool and Spa to the south:
A diagram of the Multipurpose Pool, Rec Pool, and Spa
The multipurpose pool is to the north, the rec pool and spa are to the south, the locker rooms are to the east, and the deep end is to the west.