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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Welcome Adventures FAQ


General Questions

Travel Plans

Weather, sicknesses, and low registration can cause our trips to be canceled. If this happens you will get a full refund. We will stay in contact and communicate information to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions about the Outdoor Program Refund policies, Health and Waiver forms, or other information please visit the link below

Trip Information

**Please consider refundable options for your travel plans in case of a canceled trip.

Do I need to have any experience to go on these trips?

No! All our trips are beginner-oriented and your trip leaders will teach you everything you need to know.

Do I need my own gear?

The Outdoor Program provides all gear other than personal items such as clothing, toiletries, and water/food containers.

Take a look at the information packet for your corresponding trip on the website for more info on what is provided and what to bring.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation to and from the trip site is provided.

You are responsible for getting to the Outdoor Program from where you live (that may include purchasing flights for those out of state).

Is food provided?

Food is provided for all trips.

  • For overnight trips, all meals are provided from the time the trip starts.
  • For rafting trips, dinner is provided.
  • For Table Rock hikes, snacks are provided.

Will there be a meeting before the trip?

For overnight trips, yes. It will be over Zoom to accommodate those who are not in the area. Typically the pre-trip meeting is 1-2 weeks before the trip to allow time to prepare.

Attendance at the pre-trip meeting is mandatory to go on the trip

Can I drive myself?

No, due to logistics and liability concerns, we do not allow students to drive themselves or be driven by anyone else.

Where is the Outdoor Program (OP) located?

We are located in the back of the BSU Recreation Center, at the corner of Belmont St and S. Vermont Ave.

1515 University Dr, Boise ID

Trip Specific Questions

Whitewater Rafting

  • Meeting time at OP: 2 pm
  • Arrival back at OP: 10 pm (subject to change)

Is it dangerous?

There are always risks with any outdoor activity, but our river guides go through rigorous training to understand how to deal with emergencies of all kinds.

Each trip will have at least one Wilderness First Responder or EMT who is trained in CPR and first aid emergencies.

An extensive first aid kit, AED, and an emergency communication device are carried on all trips.

A safety brief is given to all participants before getting on the water detailing what to do in case of a swim or medical emergency.

Personal safety equipment such as helmets and PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices) are provided.

What do I need to bring?

Take a look at the information packet for your corresponding trip on the website for more info on what is provided and what to bring.

Table Rock Sunset Hike

  • Meeting time at OP:  7-7:30pm (depends on sunset time)
  • Arrival time back at OP: 10-10:30pm (depends on sunset time)

How far is the hike?

The hike is 3.7 miles with about 900ft of elevation gain. We also have other trail options that we go to depending on the experience of the group.

Backpacking Trips

  • Meeting time at OP: 7 am on the first day (subject to change)
  • Arrival time back at OP: 8 pm on the final day (subject to change)

How many miles do we hike?

Daily mileage can range from 4-8 miles and significant elevation change is likely. The pace will depend on the group’s needs. We take regular breaks for water and snacks.

How heavy are the backpacks?

The backpacks get lighter with each day, but typically range around 40-50lbs.

I’m worried about sleeping outside and wildlife. What should I know?

Participants will sleep in tents and with sleeping bags appropriate for the temperatures expected.

Food storage containers and anything with a scent are stored at least 50 yards away from camp at night to deter curious critters from disturbing our sleep.

Trip leaders carry bear spray in the VERY unlikely event of a wildlife encounter.


Lower Salmon River Expedition

  • Meeting time at OP: 6 am on the first day (subject to change)
  • Arrival time back at OP: 8 pm on the last day (subject to change)

How many miles do we raft?

Daily mileage can range from 10-20 miles. The pace will depend on the group’s needs. We will have serval different styles of rafts and Inflatable Kayaks.

Where do we camp?

We will be camping along the river as we travel downstream. Lower Salmon is famous for its big open beaches and plenty of side hikes to explore. All of our gear will be carried in the rafts and each night we will set up camp.

What’s provided?

Just like all the other trips, the Outdoor Program provided transportation to the river, all the gear necessary for the trip, all the food and snacks during the trip, and the knowledgeable staff to guide the rafts, set up camp, cook the meals, and respond to medical needs.

Also, our staff will teach students the basics of the trip and will answer any questions. We are always hiring in the Outdoor Program!


Signing up for an Extended Trip?

Having Trouble Signing Up

You will need to sign up for the extended trip on a different website. Please follow the link below for instructions to sign up.

If you’re having trouble with the registration process please refer to our troubleshooting guide below. If you’re still having difficulties, please give us a call at (208) 426-1946.

Registration Process and Troubleshooting Guide