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Intramural Frequently Asked Questions

Intramural FAQs

What are Intramural Sports?

Recreational events for Boise State University community (students, faculty/staff, spouses/partners, and alumni).

Intramural Sports provide opportunities for campus recreation members to participate in various events at a competitive or recreational level. Our program offers leagues and single-day events, giving all members a chance to be active on a weekly basis!

Intramural Sports Play Pass

In order to participate in Intramural Sports, you must purchase an Intramural Sports Play Pass. This pass will be valid for an academic year (Fall through Spring). Members are only allowed to purchase one pass per academic year. There are group rates available for registered Student Organizations. These Student Organizations must have an up-to-date Student Affairs membership with the university. Student Organizations that would like to purchase a group rate must first contact the Coordinator of Rec Sports. 

Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports?

Current Boise State students, faculty/staff, spouses/partners, and alumni are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports as long as they maintain a current Campus Recreation membership. Further guidelines are available for professional and collegiate athletes.

How long does a league last?

Each league lasts four weeks and is followed by a single elimination tournament. Single-day events will be played in one day.

What is the difference between the blue and orange league?

Blue leagues are considered competitive leagues and are recommended for more experienced participants.

Orange leagues are considered recreational leagues and are designed for participants who want to try a new sport or continue playing for fun.

Can club sport athletes play Intramural Sports?

Yes, club sport members are allowed to participate in any Intramural Sport. However, if the intramural is considered to be “related to” their club sport, there is a maximum number of two club players allowed per team and they must play in the blue league.

Can I still play if I don't have a team?

Absolutely! If you do not have a team to play with, you can register as a free agent. We do not place free agents on teams, but we can help! Teams who know they need additional players are encouraged to check “Looking For Free Agents” while completing the registration process. For more information, please visit our Free Agent page.

Do intramural teams practice?

Practicing is not expected or required; however, there are teams who do practice to improve their chances at getting the coveted Intramural Champ Shirt!

What do teams do if they have to forfeit?

In order to minimize forfeits, the Intramural Sports Program has implemented a Buster Rule policy. If a team is below the minimum number of players required to play a game, they may pick up a player from another team to avoid a forfeit. There is a maximum of two “Buster’s” per team per game. “Buster” cannot be used as extra players or substitutes. If more players come to the game after it has started, the Buster must be substituted out. For more information on this policy, please visit our manual.

If a team knows they will not be able to make a game, they can default using the Default Form found on IMLeagues by 12 p.m. the day of the game for weekday games, or by 3 p.m. on the Friday before the game for weekend games. As a result, the team will receive a default loss and a sportsmanship rating of 3, and they will not have to pay the forfeit fee of $20. To default, go to the main page of IMLeaugs and click the Default Form Link. If there is a forfeit without proper notification, the team will receive a sportsmanship rating of 0 and will have to pay a $20 forfeit fee at the Member Service Desk at the Student Recreation Center or online. If a team does not pay the forfeit fee before their next game,  the captain will be suspended on IMLeagues until they play. If the team does not pay their forfeit fee before playoffs, they will be considered ineligible for playoffs. A second forfeit will also result in removal from the league.

What are the requirements for playoff eligibility?

In order to be playoff eligible, teams must have an overall average sportsmanship rating of 3.0. Teams are allowed one forfeit, as long as they pay the fee prior to their next game and maintain the overall sportspersonship requirement. We take pride in promoting a fun and competitive atmosphere for our participants, therefore it is a requirement that teams maintain good sportspersonship throughout the season.

What is the sportspersonship rating scale?

5- Excellent Conduct and Sportspersonship

4- Good Conduct and Sportspersonship

3- Average Conduct and Sportspersonship/Default

2- Below Average Conduct and Sportspersonship

1- Poor Conduct and Sportspersonship

0- Unacceptable Conduct and Sportspersonship/Forfeit