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Dropping Classes

Dropping Classes

Academic Calendar

Boise State University’s Academic Calendars list all of the registration deadline dates for the current catalog year. The calendar specifies the policy deadlines, by semester and session, for the following: registration, adding and dropping classes, and withdrawals. You are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with these calendars, especially the Deadlines by Session table, as you will be held accountable for meeting these deadlines.

Dropping a Class

You may drop regular session classes from your schedule on myBoiseState through the tenth week of the semester (see the Academic Calendar for the exact deadline). If you drop a regular session class before the 10th day of the semester, the class will not appear on your transcript. However, if you drop a regular session class after the 10th day, your transcript will show a grade of W (for withdrawal) for that class. Grades of W will not be used in GPA calculation (see Withdrawals for the maximum number of grades of W you can accrue). Workshops, short courses, five-week, and eight-week block courses have different deadline dates. See the Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session table in this catalog for the exact deadline.

The university has placed limits on the number of times you may enroll in a course. For more information, see Grades.

If you intend to drop a class in which you have been issued university property—such as uniforms, instruments, or lab equipment—you must return the property before dropping the class. If you fail to do so, the department will place a hold on your record and could have you reinstated in the class.

Rules for Dropping a Workshop

Workshops have special deadlines. Special Session 1 (SP1) is typically utilized for workshop or special event courses that span four days or fewer. This will allow students to add up until the day before the class begins and drop with a W one day before the class ends. If the class is dropped the last day, the drop will result in a grade of F.

Special Session 2 (SP2) is used to schedule courses that fall outside of standard predefined sessions (e.g., 1st 8-week, 2nd 5-week), and that span 5 days or more. This will allow the student to add through the first day of class and drop with a W through the day after the first day of class. The last date to drop with a W varies by course, and students are strongly encouraged to access their Class Schedule on myBoiseState and click on the Deadline link for the specific class to confirm the final penalty date.

To enroll in a workshop that is full and has not started yet, you must submit a Registration Override Form, with the instructor’s signature, to the Registrar’s Office, Administration Building, Room 110, (208) 426-4249, no later than the day before the workshop starts. Workshops do not have permission numbers.

Drop Fee

You are expected to finalize your class schedule at the beginning of each term.  Dropping unwanted courses as the semester begins allows other students the opportunity to add the courses they need. You will have the opportunity to attend the first class session to make a decision to stay enrolled or drop before a $10 drop fee per course is charged. The drop fee deadlines vary by session. (See the Academic Calendar for the exact deadline.)

Requesting Approval to Drop a Class after the Deadline

If you need to drop a class in a current semester after the drop deadline for the session, but before the session ends, you must submit an appeal to the dean (or associate dean) of the college of the course using the Requesting Approval for Dropping A Class After the Deadline form. Read the instructions, fill out the form, submit a written letter, and provide documentation of extenuating circumstances that would justify an exemption to the drop deadline policy. After the instructor has signed the form, submit a complete packet to the Associate Dean of the College that is offering the course. Once all required signatures have been collected, submit the form to the Registrar’s Office, Administration Building Room 110, for processing.

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