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Center for Research and Creative Activity

TheĀ Center for Research and Creative Activity connects faculty to responsive and integrative resources to advance research mobility, scholarship and creative activity.

The Center provides strategic focus to achieve the Department of Research and Economic Development’s vision of cultivating an environment where education through research, scholarly endeavor and creative activity thrives. We support growth in select areas of research defined as those with the greatest potential for distinction, and societal, cultural and economic benefit.

To stay informed about new events, scheduled event details, and networking opportunities subscribe to Funding Blast. CRCA is always interested in expanding our reach. If you know of other events and networking opportunities or would like more information about current opportunities, please email us at

CRCA Events

The Center for Research and Creative Activity curates events and networking opportunities to support the campus research and creative activity community.

Lightning Talks - UPWARDS: Materials and Devices for Memory

Underused EPSCoR Mechanisms: The Planning Grant, The Conference, The Workshop

Wicked Problems: Strategies for Researchers as Agents for Public Engagement

STEM PIs: Engaging Social Scientists in Development of Competitive and Compelling Interdisciplinary Projects and Proposals