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Center for Research and Creative Activity

The Center for Research and Creative Activity connects faculty to responsive and integrative resources to advance research mobility, scholarship and creative activity.

Supporting growth and connecting faculty to resources

The Center for Research and Creative Activity (CRCA) provides support from idea to impact for faculty as they prepare, conduct, and share their research. CRCA is a key part of the Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem. Center support lies in responsiveness (i.e., reactive, just-in-time) and preparedness (i.e., proactive investment and training).

We enhance faculty success in research mobilization, cross-campus and community connectivity, and growth as research leaders through streamlined services. Services include a one-stop shop for connecting the structures needed to support ideas to impact by assisting faculty to develop, secure, and improve their research and creative activity goals. We provide:

  • Tactical support
  • Research strategy and mentoring
  • Education
  • Training
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development.

About the Center for Research and Creative Activity

Services Offered

The Center for Research and Creative Activity connects faculty to responsive and integrative resources to advance research mobility, scholarship, and creative activity. Follow the links below to learn more about these services and how CRCA can help your next discovery or creative project happen.

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Research Development

CRCA provides front-end consultation on all aspects of research proposal preparation, as well as strategic project planning. Read below for more information, or click the link to visit the Research Development page.

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Education and Training

CRCA sponsors seminars, workshops, events, and asynchronous training to support faculty development and success in grant preparation and research proposals across the research and creative activity ecosystem.

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Programmatic Sustainability (PMI)

CRCA offers project management and coordination support to principal investigators across the research and creative activity ecosystem . Services include support in project onboarding, operations, communication, strategic planning, reporting, and special requests.

Learn More about Programmatic Sustainability

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Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem: CRCA Expertise

At Boise State University, the Center for Research and Creative Activity (CRCA) is vital in supporting principal investigators and their projects’ lifecycles. Working hand-in-hand with principal investigators and their college and departmental administrative staff, CRCA offers specialized assistance to navigate the journey within the Research and Creative Activity (RCA) Ecosystem.

CRCA’s contributions to the RCA Ecosystem:

  • Capacity Building: Providing guided focus to increase research and creative activity through team building, educational programming, just-in-time training, and targeted research development opportunities.
  • Strategy: Providing front-end consultation on all aspects of research proposal preparation including tools, templates, timelines, strategic project planning, and reviewing and editing proposals.
  • Sustainability: Providing proposal management and coordination services to allow investigators to focus more on research and less on administrative duties.

Boise State has honed the process into seven steps. Do you need full support along the way? We built a path that takes you from start to finish. But for those who need support in one, two, or a few of these steps, you’re not alone. We’ve built a system that allows you to choose your own adventure and jump into any of these steps as you need them. Let’s have a conversation to help you get started.

Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem

When to work with the Center for Research and Creative Activity

The Center for Research and Creative Activity (CRCA) interacts with researchers and project directors in the Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem during steps 1, 2, 3 and 6. Below are examples of ways CRCA supports this process:

  • Step 1: Generate Idea: Research Development can work with you to brainstorm, network with peers, develop a team and explore ideas. We can provide consultation on generating ideas, build an affinity group around your ideas, provide guided brainstorming facilitation for groups, and partner in developing collaborations.
  • Step 2: Find Funding: Research Development consults on strategies for finding extramural funding opportunities aligned with your research and creative activity. We disseminate funding opportunities and manage the Limited Submission calls. We support and promote opportunities to interface with program officers.
  • Step 3: Prepare Proposal: Research Development prioritizes large-scale, multi-investigator efforts and provides a range of proposal development services and resources tailored to the research team’s needs and the proposed effort’s scope. We serve as your thought partner in translating solicitation requirements and criteria, funder priorities, team strengths, and your scholarship into competitive proposals.
  • Step 6: Manage Award: Hire a research project manager. Engage the project management initiative to hire a highly trained coordinator or manager to support the programmatic management of your funded project.

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