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ReADy: Research Administration Development Program Announcement


Why a Research Administration Development Program?

The number and dollar value of sponsored project activity at Boise State University has grown exponentially in recent years. Meanwhile, award terms and conditions have increased in complexity, new financial management systems have been implemented, and business processes have changed. Business managers and departmental administrators are expected to provide support to faculty who are seeking and managing sponsored projects; however it is often difficult for them to stay abreast of rapidly-changing regulations and policies within the university, the state and the federal government.

At a recent meeting of business managers (August 2018), attendees cited as two of their highest priorities training and standardized best practices for sponsored project management at Boise State University. While professional organizations such as the National Council of University Research Administrators and the Society for Research Administration International provide training, content is typically limited to high-level concepts. Research administration professionals need to know how to apply these concepts in the context of Boise State University’s systems and policies.

Overview of the Program

The Research Administration Development Program is a two-year training program designed to offer peer training, leadership opportunities and mentoring experiences to college and department-based research administration professionals. Participants are expected to attend three half-day training sessions per year, co-present at least one topic related to research administration in the two year period, and serve as a resource to incoming participants after completing the second year of the program. Participants are also expected to assist with creating written best practices for managing sponsored projects at Boise State University.

Objectives of the Program

  1. Create a knowledgeable cohort of college and department-based research administration leaders.
  2. Offer practical training on basic-to-advanced research administration concepts and how they are applied within Boise State University’s systems and processes.
  3. Create a corps of mentor-leaders as departmental and college-based research administrators.
  4. Develop, document and maintain best practices for use as training and development materials.

Program Participation Requirements

By applying to the Program, applicants commit to the following participation requirements:

  1. Attend all three training sessions offered during the year.
  2. Lead or participate on a team to develop and present at least one topic related to research administration.
  3. Agree to be listed as a program participant and serve as a resource to other research administrators.
  4. Participate in the development and dissemination of written best practices and training materials.
  5. Participate in activities such as surveys and feedback sessions designed to continuously improve the Research Administration Development Program.

Eligibility and Capacity Limits

The program is open to any interested departmental and college administrator responsible for day-to-day administration of sponsored projects. Program capacity is limited to 30 participants.

Application and Selection Process

To apply, please complete the web-based application form and have your direct supervisor complete a Certification Form indicating approval for your participation.

Applications are due by close of business, January 25, 2019. Selected Applicants will be notified by February 1, 2019

ReADy Meeting Schedule

Kickoff Meeting: February 8, 2019

Half-Day Mini-Conferences:
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sample Half Day Program
8:00-8:30- registration, networking
8:30-8:50- Keynote speaker
9:00- 9:50- ReADy participant and OSP Pre-Award co-presentation 10 minute- break/setup for next presentation
10-10:50- ReADy participant and University services co-presentation (Purchasing, HR, AP etc) 10:50-11:00- 10 minute break/setup for next presentation
11-11:50- ReADy participant and OSP Post-Award co-presentation 11:50-12:00 – wrap up, feedback survey, adjourn

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