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Instructions for the Grant Funding Distribution Form

The Grant Funding Distribution Form (“GFDF”) will be used to process changes in funding sources for positions funded by at least one grant. Think of it as a “Year-at-a-Glance” planning tool, used in conjunction with our Effort Reporting System to improve continuity and compliance.

This form replaces the Employment Action Form (“EAF”) when the change is a funding source change only and involves at least one grant. This form is only to be used for Academic Year Buyout (not summer salary or supplemental pay.)

An EAF must still be filed:

  • To initiate new contracts;
  • To make a change in FTE;
  • To implement pay rate changes;
  • To extend a contract’s period of performance;
  • To separate an employee; and
  • To initiate summer salary or supplemental pay.

IF the Grant Funding Distribution Form takes precedence over the EAF, enter this information in the comment section.

Keep a copy of the GFDF for your files

It is also a good idea to provide copies of the GFDF to the individual in that position.  This person will be responsible for certifying effort on a regular basis and can use the form as a reference against which actual effort can be measured.  (This distribution is not required.)

Specific Instructions for the Tab Labeled Calculation Sheet

Section I – Identifying Information

Date:  Enter the date you complete the form.

Revision#:  If this is the first form filed for the employee in this position, enter the word “original.”  For subsequent changes or corrections, enter consecutive numbers by fiscal year.  These will help ensure that the most recent and correct data are entered.

Dept.:  Enter your department name.

Name:  Enter the name of the employee.

Position Title:  Enter the title of the employee.

Emp ID:  Enter the employee’s Boise State ID number.  If this is not known, contact Human Resources for assistance.  Do not add the employee’s Social Security Number.

PCN:  Enter the Position Control Number for the employee.

Base Annual Salary: Enter the full annual salary for this position, no matter what FTE is currently being worked.

Term:  Enter the employee’s contract term in months.

FTE:  Enter the actual level of effort currently worked by the employee over the term previously specified.  For example, full-time = 1 FTE, part-time = ¾ position .75 FTE or half-time =.50 FTE.

Hourly Rate: Enter the hourly rate.

Contact Name, Ext (phone extension), MS (mail stop): Enter name and contact information of the person who will be the key contact for questions.

Paid Annual Salary: This is the actual payroll amount and it will be calculated automatically by multiplying the base annual salary by the FTE you have entered previously.

Section II – Data

There are six lines for each of five “time blocks” on one page.  Beginning dates for each new block of time represent a point at which the funding source allocation for the position shifts in some way.

The form is designed to handle up to five changes during the course of a fiscal year.  Use only as many time blocks as you need, i.e. you do not have to file a complete fiscal year’s plan.  Fill in ONLY allocations of which you are certain.  You may file another form at any time during the year AFTER you confirm further additions, deletions or revisions in funding sources.

If you need more than six lines in a time block or more than five changes in a year contact OSP.

Period Beginning __________and Ending _________: (Time Block  Headers): Use these headers to specify the working dates for each period.   For Faculty or Professional Staff employment dates, refer to Employment Dates.

Funding Source: For each time block, enter the department string for each funding source to which a percentage of the position’s payroll is to be charged. Keep each department string on the same line for each block for example 4010.12345 would all be 1’s (cells are numbered 1 through 6).

Department String: The string consists of the following units, for example the Fund (4010); Department (12345); Cost Center (1001004) and project (2000000123).

Grant End Date: Enter end date for grant.

A/D/R/C: A = Add.  Use this code to begin payroll allocations to a new funding source. D = Delete. Use this code to end payroll allocations to the funding source. C = Continue. Use this code to indicate that payroll allocations to the funding source should continue without change. R = Revise.  Use this code to indicate a change in the percentage of payroll allocation to a continuing funding source.

Always enter the change in the time block that begins with the action effective date and remember that if you add a funding source, there must be a corresponding deletion or revision within the same time block (and vice versa for any deletion of funding source).

Percent:  Enter the percent allocation of effort specified by the grant for the given period.  The total distribution for each block must always equal 100%, regardless of the FTE worked.

No of Pay Periods: Enter number of pay periods. For payroll periods go to Payroll Calendars click on Payroll Schedule (PDF).

Pay Per Pay Period: Enter the pay per period.  For example annual salary is $40,000/2080= $19.23 *80hrs $1,538.40.

Section III – Signatures

***Note: Employees for whom GFDFs are being submitted may NOT approve/sign GFDFs.***

Grant Administrator/Business Manager Signature: Obtain signature of responsible administrative contact for your department. Make a copy of the completed form for your files.

Appropriate Authorizing Signature: Send form to the College Dean or person to whom he/she has delegated authority for sponsored projects.  (In some cases, this may be the Grant Administrator or Business Manager.)

Appropriate Concurring:

Signature: If the allocation of funding sources includes a source managed by a different college, you must obtain the concurrence of the appropriate authority from that college.  To expedite the process, the Dean (or delegate) from the originating college will email a copy of the completed form to his/her counterpart at the external college.  This person will sign and return the form via email, keeping a copy for their files.  The originating college’s Dean (or delegate) will countersign the form and email it to for processing.  The emailed form must come from one of the signing individuals; otherwise, it will be returned.

Vice President for Research:

Dean’s (or delegate’s) office will email the completed form to OSP will email the approved form Human Resources and copy the Budget Office and the contact name listed in section 1.

Comment Section:  Enter comments or special instructions.

Revision Date: 9/8/2020

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