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Research Highlights 2023

Innovation and discovery were defining themes of the fiscal year 2022-2023. The dedication of Boise State’s researchers and the teams that supported them marked a year of outstanding growth. Every discovery paved the way to a more promising future for our communities and beyond.

With the generous support of sponsors and higher awards entrusted to deliver solutions, Boise State accepted the challenge and delivered. Below, you’ll find a glimpse into the possibilities that our hard-working contributors brought to life.

We invite you to follow our path of discovery.
Words from Nancy Glenn VP, Division of Research and Economic Development

Innovative spirit and exceptional research

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional research and creative activity opportunities to our students. We are particularly thankful for the remarkable contributions of our dedicated faculty, staff, students, and administrators, who have collectively lifted our research and creative activity endeavors to unprecedented heights. Achieving these milestones is a testament to the collaborative and innovative spirit that defines our institution.”

The numbers are in!

Boise State has made remarkable strides in the record books for the fiscal year 2023. To put this achievement into perspective, in 2022, Boise State received more than 68 million in 422 different awards, an impressive feat. However, in 2023, the university reached even greater heights, amassing over 91 million. This remarkable growth is a testament to the exceptional work carried out by Boise State’s Research and Sponsored Projects teams, who have demonstrated insight, innovation, hard work, and creativity throughout the year.


National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Awards reached cumulatively

91+ M

Awarded to Boise State Research and Sponsored Projects in the fiscal year 2023


Awards earned by research and sponsored projects in the ficscal year 2023
Boise State's Curiosity Fuels Community Solutions

In 2023, Boise State asked important questions, and in turn, unearthed cutting-edge solutions.

When you think of research, what comes to mind? Boise State’s philosophy centers around curiosity and community. How can we solve food insecurity problems for low-income students in the United States? Is it possible to future-proof plastics by building them without oil and design them to break down more quickly? Why are vulnerable communities more likely to be impacted by wildfires?

Boise State is driven to find answers. Are you curious, too? Discover what research can reveal.

More local food for school tables to keep students well nourished

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Researchers turned superglue into a recyclable, cheap, oil-free plastic alternative

Rethinking Plastics: Is it possible to kick oil to the curb? Find out how Boise State researchers did just that.

Wildfire risk is soaring for low-income, elderly and other vulnerable populations in California, Washington and Oregon

Why are social vulnerabilities more likely to be affected by fire?

How artificial intelligence could scrap humanity’s ability to lie

How does an algorithm reliably detect deception?

From campus to cutting edge: the CHIPS and Science Act and the growing focus on semiconductors at Boise State

What are Boise State's commitments to research under the CHIPS and Science Act?

Pregnancy is a genetic battlefield – how conflicts of interest pit mom’s and dad’s genes against each other

Did you know about genetic conflicts in pregnancy? Learn more.