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How to Engage

Starting your research project at Boise State University can be a rewarding experience that develops innovative solutions and technologies or tackle complex environmental and societal issues. If you’re a new researcher, we want to make the process easy to understand and get started.

First, we’d like to invite you to review our Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem to view the overall steps for project success. If needed for your project, you can request funding support from the Division.

Next Steps

Contact the following offices depending on where you are in the Research and Creative Activity Ecosystem.

Research Enterprise Services

  • Operational, analytical, and programmatic services to the research and creative activity community
  • Consists of Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Research Administration Systems and Analytics (RASA)
  • RES also supports various campus-wide efforts, such as theĀ Next Frontier Program and Budget Modernization Initiative

Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Preparing your proposal for institutional approvals and submission
  • Reviewing, negotiating, and accepting your award
  • Supporting efficient and compliant management of your award, and managing award “close out”
  • Recharge Centers, Effort Reporting, F&A Rate Negotiations

Research Administration Systems and Analytics

  • Research Administration Projects and Process Improvement
  • Research Administration Systems
  • Research Administration Data

Office of Research Compliance

  • Making sure your research project complies with all legal and university laws and policies
  • Maintain highest integrity of research

Center for Research and Creative Activity

  • Brainstorming or developing your research idea
  • Finding funding for your project
  • Research project management support
  • Education and Training

Office of Technology Transfer

  • Protecting your intellectual property for commercial use
  • Commercializing your research
  • Sharing your research