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The Agency Partner will:

  • Designate a service-learning supervisor to serve as the liaison with Boise State Service-Learning Program, the faculty, and the service-learning students.
  • Provide service-learning project descriptions to the Boise State Service-Learning Program by published deadline.
  • Schedule orientation dates and times by published deadline; send to Boise State Service-Learning Program.
  • Orient service-learning students to the agency’s rules, policies, procedures, methods and operations, community issue, and population served.
  • Sign student time sheets regularly throughout the semester.
  • Check-in with the service-learning students at regular intervals (recommended: beginning, middle and end of semester AT THE MINIMUM).
  • Notify the faculty partner immediately, preferably by phone, on any cause of dissatisfaction or of misconduct on the part of the service-learning student.
  • Maintain good communication with service-learning student, Boise State Service-Learning Program and faculty (return calls/emails within 2 business days).
  • Fill out the online evaluation for each student at the end of the semester.
  • Offer suggestions and ideas for improvement in Boise State Service-Learning Program procedures and opportunities.

BSU Service-Learning Staff will:

  • Recruit, support, and facilitate faculty, service-learning students, and agency partnerships
  • Find, screen, and orient agencies whose needs match class learning objectives
  • Provide orientations, trainings, and roundtables about the Service-Learning Program
  • Facilitate student placement through classroom visits and agency referral lists, upon request
  • Provide contracts and forms that clarify responsibilities and increase accountability
  • Support and troubleshoot with service-learning students, agencies, and faculty
  • Maintain regular contact with agency partners, faculty, and students (at beginning, middle, and end of semester). Email upcoming opportunities and information
  • Seek and respond to feedback from agency partners, students, and faculty

Faculty Partner will:

  • Set learning objectives for the service experience that relate to course objectives
  • Identify community issues or service that relates to the class
  • Contact screened agencies to clarify course goals and service expectations
  • Adapt syllabus, class assignments, lecture examples, and class discussion to include links between course theory and service experience. Structure and schedule reflection assignments or activities
  • Discuss the Service-Learning expectations and requirements, agency orientation dates, deadlines for starting service, and evaluation guidelines with students.
  • Use written agreements, time logs, evaluation instruments (recommended by the Boise State Service-Learning Program)
  • Maintain regular contact with agency partners (recommended: beginning, middle, and end of semester)
  • Evaluate student service-learning student’s’ experience (Boise State Service-Learning Program staff can assist)

Student/Service-Learners will:

  • Maintain personal health insurance or Boise State student health insurance, along with liability insurance if a personal vehicle is used
  • Attend agency orientation at scheduled time
  • Sign agreement with agency partner
  • Start service by the fifth week of the semester, or as specified in the course syllabus
  • Track hours using hour log sheet ,or another method specified in the course syllabus
  • Maintain regular communication with agency partner regarding service hours and activities (recommended beginning, middle and end of semester AT THE MINIMUM).
  • Respect rules, regulations, and confidentiality standards of agency
  • Participate in reflection activities and assignments
  • Complete required amount of service hours and/or service project