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Welcome Students!

Service-Learning connects the classroom with the community. As a Service-Learning student, you will connect with an organization, applying theories and tools from the classroom and text to a community-identified need. Service-Learning involves hands-on learning, real-world experiences, networking possibilities, personal insights, and a new awareness of community strengths and complex challenges.

Check out the current Service-Learning course list.

Why Service-Learning?

Explore how service-learning can positively impact your Boise State experience.

Once you get an idea of what we’re all about, investigate employment opportunities with Service-Learning both on and off campus, frequently asked questions, as well as the support and resources exclusively for you!

Service-Learning Exhibition (SLx)

LIVE April 29, 2021!

Bronco Impacts

Instructions for Students
Students interacting at the Spring 2019 Service-Learning Student Poster Exhibition

Already enrolled in a Service-Learning course at Boise State? Check out some tips and tools to make the most out of this opportunity:

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