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SLx Poster Templates

Use one of these optional templates to get started making your Service-Learning poster.
– All of the templates are preset with the required dimensions of 48×36 inches
– Use of poster templates is optional
– The Poster Tip Sheet has details about what should be on your poster
– View examples of excellent SL submissions

Structured Poster Templates

These Google Slide templates must be saved to your Google Drive to edit.

  • Sharing permissions are set so that you must make a copy when you view the template.
  • Log into your student account if this is where you want the template saved.
  • Click “make a copy” and the poster template will be saved to your Google Drive.

If you need access to a template in a different format for accessibility purposes, please contact Boise State Service Learning.

RibbonService Learning Ribbon Template

View and Copy Ribbon template

BricksService Learning Bricks Template

View and Copy Bricks template

Service Learning Traditional Template


View and Copy Traditional template

Service Learning Pointer Template


View and Copy Pointer template

Service Learning Lines Template


View and Copy Lines template

Service Learning Box TemplateBox

View and Copy Box template

Service Learning Diagonal TemplateDiagonal

View and Copy Diagonal template