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SFS General FAQS

In an effort to reduce our paper use and protect the environment, Boise State no longer mails billing statements. To view your billing details and due dates, log on to myBoiseState. Navigate to Student Center, Account Inquiry (located under the finance section), Charges Due.

General FAQs

Why are you taking my financial aid to pay future due housing charges?

Financial aid is to pay all institutional charges for the current term before any balance money can be refunded to the student. If the charge is on the student account the charge will be paid first before any balance money is refunded.

What is a Short Term Loan?

A Short Term Loan is an emergency loan for household, personal and/or school (books, supplies) needed to complete the semester. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is $500.  Note: Short Term Loans are available beginning the first date of classroom instruction.  Students must be enrolled in at least half-time status to receive the loan.

Who can apply for a Short Term Loan?

Students enrolled in at least 6 credits, who have not defaulted on a previous short term loan and do not have a hold on enrollment. Short term loans cannot be used to pay fees.

Where and how do I apply for a Short Term Loan?

You may apply for a Short Term Loan on our website using the Short Term Loan Application. You will receive an email response after submitting your application with instructions on receiving your loan funds and repaying the loan.

Is there a charge for dropping a class?

Yes, a $10 drop fee may be charged. For a complete list of when the charge begins by session, please check the Academic Calendar.

How are mailed check payments applied?

Mailed check payments are applied to the charges in due date order, paying earliest charges first.  If you would like us to pay other specific charges, please note that with your mailed payment.

Bills, Due Dates and Late Fees:

You will receive a monthly e-mail reminder if you have a balance on your account. You may incur a late fee at the rate of $10 or 1.75% of the past due amount per month. Holds preventing registration will be placed on your student account and cannot be removed until past due balances are paid in full. Past due accounts may be sent to an outside collection agency subject to additional collection and/or legal fees.

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