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HIIM Q&A: Andreea Chelaru

Andreea Chelaru
Andreea Chelaru

The week of April 17th is Health Informatics Professionals week! To better get to know the field, we reached out to current Health Informatics and Information Management student Andreea Chelaru. Here’s what she had to say!

Why did you choose to pursue a health information-relatedĀ field?

I chose to pursue a health information-related field of study as it combines two fields I particularly enjoy: business and healthcare. It also is a field where I feel I am able to best use my gifts and abilities to serve those around me.

What made you choose Boise State’s HIIM program?

I started my time at Boise State in a different program, but soon realized that I was not passionate about what I was pursuing. I knew that I did not want to transfer from Boise State for various reasons, but, ultimately, the Lord made it known to me that HIIM was what I was to pursue academically. I looked into the program, recognized that it aligned with my career goals and made the switch!

What do you love most about the program?

I personally most love the opportunities that are available post-graduation from the program. The HIIM program has many benefits and advantages for those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare information management. I believe HIIM to be a robust opportunity to make a meaningful impact on both patient care and healthcare delivery.

What advice do you have for future HIIM students?

I would encourage future HIIM students to connect with others and seek out networking opportunities and develop interpersonal and communication skills as HIIM professionals work closely with healthcare providers, patients and various other stakeholders. Stay up-to-date with current industry trends and technology as HIIM is constantly growing and changing and consider pursuing continued education or certifications to enhance your knowledge and skills.