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Academic Advising and Mentoring

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Preliminary Academic Advising

The PhD program director will be students’ primary academic advisor until they select their dissertation committee chair. Students will work with the PhD director to develop an approved plan of study during their first semester in the program. When registering for later semesters, the plan of study will ensure students sign up for the courses necessary to graduate on time.

With the assistance of the PhD director or their dissertation committee chair, each student will select 9 credit hours in cognate courses. Cognate courses are meant to help students develop a specific area of expertise within public and population health. For example, students may choose to take cognate courses in occupational health, children’s health, etc.

If changes are needed, students can make an appointment with the program director to update the plan of study. Additionally, the PhD program director will be able to help answer any questions students have about the requirements of the program and of Boise State University.

Dissertation Committee

Students will establish a dissertation committee responsible for mentoring them through the dissertation process. The committee must be comprised of:

  1. A minimum of three, but no more than five graduate faculty members in the School of Public and Population Health, one of which will serve as the student’s dissertation chair.
  2. Additionally, the student may select one member of choice to participate in the committee that is not part of SPPH.

View the PhD Student Handbook to learn more about the dissertation process.