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Bayard Gregory, Ph.D.

Bayard GregoryLecturer, Conflict Management

Office Hours:



  • CONFLICT 390: Conflict Management
  • CONFLICT 401: Negotiation
  • CONFLICT 402: Mediation
  • CONFLICT 494; CMRC Clinic
    (Conflict Management Resource Center)
  • CONFLICT 494: Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Bayard Gregory teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in conflict management, negotiation, mediation, and emotional intelligence in the Conflict Management Program at Boise State. As a consultant, Bayard presents workshops, facilitates groups and mediates disputes.

Dr. Gregory has made more than three thousand hours of professional presentations on conflict management, mediation, negotiation, interpersonal communication, group dynamics and emotional intelligence; and has more than thirteen hundred hours of professional practice mediating disputes, facilitating groups in conflict, and working with dysfunctional groups. Additionally, Bayard has volunteered for more than two-decades with the Idaho Mediation Association: serving on the Board of Directors, as Vice President and President, and currently as Co-Chair of the Training and Education Committee. Bayard also occasionally presents at IMA conferences.

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