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Environmental Education Certificate

Environmental Studies has a new certificate offering!

We are now offering a 13-credit certificate in Environmental Education (EE).

Do you have a passion for the environment and want to share it with others? Do you enjoy working with youth and adults in outdoor settings? The EE certificate may be for you!

“Environmental education (EE) helps individuals, communities, and organizations learn more about the environment, and develop skills and understanding about how to address global challenges. It has the power to transform lives and society, to inform and inspire, and to motivate action.” (North American Association for Environmental Education, 2021).

The Environmental Education certificate is ideal for students who would like to explore careers in environmental education and/or outdoor leadership. The 13-credit certificate is designed for students seeking to develop or enhance their skills and knowledge in leadership, curriculum design, program planning, outdoor certification, and interpretation. Environmental educators typically work in non-formal settings education settings such as nature centers, non-profits, and outdoor immersion programs rather than traditional classrooms. This certificate is not a state certified teaching credential however you will develop skills in curriculum development.

Please contact Mari Rice at or Emily Wakild at for more information.


Complete all of the following
Take at least 6 credits from the following:
ENVSTD121 Introduction to the Environment (3)
ENVSTD200 Environmental Approaches and Methods (3)
Take the following:
STEM-ED101 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1)
STEM-ED102 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (1)
Take at least 2 credits from the following:
STEM-ED350Research Methods (3)
ENVSTD293 Internship (1 - 12)
Complete 1 of the following
Take at least 3 credits from the following:
COMM390Conflict Management (3)
CONFLICT390Conflict Management (3)
SOC390Conflict Management (3)
LEAD225Civic Engagement and Leadership (1 - 3)
LEAD325Foundations of Leadership (3)
ENVSTD490Certification Experience in Environmental Education (1 - 2)
STEM-ED430Life, Earth, and Physical Science for Teachers (4)
SPS395Public Service Studio (1 - 3)
Take at least 3 credits from the following:
Grand Total Credits: 13
Contact the School of Public Service academic advisors to talk about how this fits into your degree plan.
Fall 2021 Course Spotlight

Environmental Studies 490

Are you interested in working in the field of environmental education (EE) and/or outdoor leadership? Want to gain specific skills in outdoor leadership/education to prepare you for a career in this field AND earn credit for them? We have a new class offering that could be ideal for you!

The Environmental Studies program is currently recruiting students to enroll in a new course this fall that is linked to the Environmental Education Certificate. The goal is to help prepare students for career opportunities in the EE field and increase their skills/marketability in the field. This course is somewhat like an internship, but connected to a specific certificate.

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