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Summer 2022 Course Offerings

decorative imageThree upper division, asynchronous ENVSTD courses will be offered with wide appeal to ENVSTD majors/ minors:

  • First 3wk: ENVSTD 431 Indigenous Peoples and the Environment with Prof Libby Lunstrum
    Examines multiple intersections between Indigenous communities and environment. Covers ecological impacts of colonialism, colonial roots of global environmental studies, and importance of Indigenous knowledge and sovereignty. Examines concrete ways environmental harm and injustice impacts Indigenous communities and innovative responses to biological conservation, food sovereignty, mining/extraction, climate change, and water, forest, and wildfire management.
  • 2nd 7 wk: ENVSTD 498 Working Landscapes in the West with Prof Jared Talley
    Examines the evolution of natural and built landscapes from agricultural and mining to tourism and technology sectors. Considers social and ecological connections around cities and towns and their economic importance. Topics include short term rentals, sprawl, workforce housing, cultural boundaries, the brain drain, and more.
  • Last 3wk: ENVSTD 440 Global Nature Conservation with Prof Emily Wakild
    Explores historical origins and contemporary debates over the protection of nature. Considers the moral and ethical role of conservation across different landscapes, species, and cultures. Evaluates the development of parks and protected areas globally including management and community conflicts and challenges. Draws upon textual, visual, multimedia, and film sources.

Hybrid options include:

1st 3wk: ENVSTD 498 Water Resources Policy with Prof Monica Hubbard
Considers water resource policy, management, and politics in the US with attention to the clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, water allocation, public trust doctrines, and current water resource issues.

Investigate Boise Options:

1wk full time 5/9-13 ENVSTD 498. Investigate Boise I. Public Art and Community Development with Prof Amanda Ashley
Survey the use of art and design to remake urban space paying particular attention to the history and politics of placemaking and civic engagement. Site visits, fieldwork, and topical expert lectures are a central part of this experiential, hands-on course.

1wk full time 5/16-20 ENVSTD 498/ Investigate Boise 2: Music Cities with Prof Amanda Ashley
Examines how musicians, music organizations, and music entrepreneurs shape cities through real-world examples in Boise and beyond. Analyzes how the music industry fared during the COVID-19 pandemic focusing on problems and policies at the local, state, and national level. Learn how music is a community and economic development strategy for strong, healthy, and resilient communities.

There are also 1 and 2 credit workshops throughout the summer. Including:

Remote: 5-8pm 5/9-5/13 ENVSTD 494-1612 Careers in International Development with Prof Saleh Ahmed
Careers in non-profit, national, and global development will likely be in high demand in the post-pandemic era. In this workshop, students will learn strategies to explore opportunities, writing/developing their CVs, cover letters, and more importantly “how to think like a hiring manager.”