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Innovation for Institutional Impact

IPI’s commitment to innovative research and best practices in public service enables staff to advance policy and public administration research to assist leaders in informed decision-making. IPI often pioneers non-traditional reporting techniques and platforms to make data and research impactful, available and accessible.

Message from SPS Associate Dean Andrew Giacomazzi

“It’s simply amazing to see how Idaho Policy Institute has grown and flourished over the past years. IPI’s simple idea, consistent with the mission of the School of Public Service, is to provide objective research and help support decision-makers. To that end, the Institute has become a trusted resource for public, private, and nonprofit entities throughout Idaho and beyond. Since its inception, IPI has worked with countless leaders from multiple sectors – through research and technical assistance – to aid them in using evidence-based practices to overcome challenges and navigate change. When I think of the public service mission of Boise State University, I think of Idaho Policy Institute!”

Helping Local Governments Make Informed Decisions

IPI has collaborated on research with more than a dozen Idaho cities and counties. IPI is a trusted source for research on economic forecasting and community planning. From cities’ comprehensive plans to economic impact studies, local governments can rely on IPI’s objective and accessible information for planning and policy-making. IPI was a recipient of the American Planning Association-Idaho Chapter’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan of the Year Award with the City of Mountain Home. In addition to direct work with local governments, IPI conducted a survey of local governments in 11 Western states that gathered crucial data on local government actions in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regional Map

IPI is a Leader in Transportation and Infrastructure Research

IPI’s 2016 Assessment of Idaho’s Transportation Infrastructure and Funding provided vital information on the quality of Idaho’s infrastructure and policy solutions for improvement. In 2020, 11 transportation stakeholders selected IPI to conduct an independent analysis of Idaho’s infrastructure needs. The report estimated that an additional $236 million per year in revenue was needed to meet preservation and restoration goals across the state, as well as $5.3 million per year to maintain existing transit equipment and infrastructure. Beyond the written report, IPI created a dynamic financial model and an interactive map of policy alternatives used in all 50 states.

IPI had more than 20 transportation research press mentions in 2020-21 alone!