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Educational Access and Student Success

IPI’s research and dedicated courses provide experiential learning opportunities to students across disciplines and at all levels (undergraduate to doctoral) at the university. Students serve in pivotal research roles and gain direct experience that benefits them as they enter the workforce.

Student Testimonial

Mackenzie Moss - Idaho Legislature's Office of Performance Evaluations

“I graduated from BSU with a Master’s in Public Administration in May of 2021. Throughout my master’s program, I was fortunate enough to hold a research assistant position with the IPI. I learned so much from working with my peers and networking with our large community of clients in my role. It was particularly rewarding to be part of such an awesome team during the pandemic, as we supported each other through a transition online all while upholding our commitment to provide objective research to inform decision-making. I am so grateful for the amazing leadership at the IPI, without whom I wouldn’t have my current position at the Idaho Legislature.”

Student Testimonial

Melanie Hernandez - IPI Graphic Designer

“Even having come to IPI from a non-research background, first through Boise State’s WorkU internship program, and now as a work-study student, I can say my experience working here has been nothing but positive. Everyone on the team at IPI is encouraging and kind towards each other, as well as passionate and diligent about the research they produce. I truly appreciate the opportunity they’ve given me to get started on my career in graphic design, and I am proud to help assist them in presenting the best version of their work to the community.”

MPA Capstone

The Masters of Public Administration Capstone is a service-learning course overseen by IPI’s director. Student researchers provide responsive research to public, private, and nonprofit organizations in Idaho and beyond.

56 capstone projects completed

52 community partners served

167 total capstone students