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2020 Eviction Infographic

evictions in idaho statewide data for 2020 infographic - text description on page
Click on the image to view the full infographic (pdf)

IPI completed the second annual Idaho Eviction Study looking at statewide eviction filings for 2020. Data was obtained for all eviction court records from the Idaho Supreme Court. In 2020, 1,893 (1%) of Idaho’s renting households had an eviction filing and 1,127 (.06%) were formally evicted.

Overall, eviction filings in court decreased by 30% from 2019. Eviction filings were the lowest in April 2020 due to court closures ordered by the Idaho Supreme Court. The courts reopened in May 2020 followed by a sharp spike in eviction filings and formal evictions. Monthly fluctuations may relate to various policy and aid responses to the coronavirus pandemic, such as statewide court closures, federal eviction moratoriums, unemployment benefits, and emergency rental assistance programs. Because monthly eviction filings are nearing pre-pandemic levels, it is clear that efforts of federal, state, and local programs to mitigate the eviction crisis are unable to help a majority of households facing eviction and housing displacement.

Summary of findings for 2020:

  • Idaho averaged 3.1 evictions per day
  • 1,893 (or 1%) of Idaho’s 189,292 renting households had an eviction filing.
  • 1,127 (or .6%) Idaho renting households received a formal eviction.
  • 132 renting households had two or more eviction filings.
  • 59.5% of renting households with an eviction filing received a formal eviction.
  • 1,306 landlords filed at least one eviction.
  • Eviction filings and formal evictions decreased by 30% from 2019.

View the 2020 Eviction Infographic (pdf)