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Richard Kinney


Emeritus Faculty, Professor
Environmental Research Building 3141
(208) 426-3549


  • POLS 101: American National Government


Professor Richard Kinney became a member of the Political Science department in August of 1976. After he retired from his full-time responsibilities in the spring of 2014, he assumed a more limited role in the phased retirement program the following August. He earned his BA, MA, and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. His political science courses focused on American government and politics. For many years he coordinated the department’s advising program. In addition, he served in the Master of Public Administration Program from 1976 until the spring of 2012. His courses mainly covered public budgeting and public policy processes. His research interest was state budgeting politics and processes. Since 1991, he contributed regularly at the state budgeting roundtables convened at the Western Political Science Association annual meetings with his analyses of Idaho state budgeting. The Center for Public and Administration at the University of Utah and the California Journal of Politics and Policy published his papers.


Dick Kinney received his Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Notre Dame in Government and International Studies. He has been a member of Boise State University’s Department of Political Science and Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program since 1976. His political science courses have included American National Government, American Public Policy, the Presidency, and American Politics and the Cinema. For the MPA Program, he has regularly taught Public Budgeting & Financial Administration and Public Policy Process. Dr. Kinney’s research agenda has focused on state and sub-state budgetary politics and processes. He has co-authored the Idaho chapter in Governors, Legislatures, and Budgets: Diversity across the American States and articles in Public Budgeting & Finance, The Journal of State Government, and State and Local Government REVIEW. He has authored and co-authored numerous papers on budgeting for Western Political Science Association and American Society for Public Administration conferences. The Center for Public Policy & Administration at the University of Utah has printed several revised versions of his recent WPSA papers in its proceedings for the annual state/local government budgeting roundtable at the WPSA meetings.

Dr. Kinney’s publications can be viewed on ScholarWorks.

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