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Contributions to Blueprint for Success

Progress to Date

Goal 1: Improve Educational Access and Student Success

Select Performance Measures (PDF)

  • Boise State University continues to be highly successful in helping students graduate and succeed, which contributes to the educational attainment rate of Idahoans. In FY22, a record-high 3,946 students graduated from Boise State with baccalaureate degrees, once again exceeding the target set in Boise State University’s strategic plan.
  • The number of doctoral degree graduates reached a record high in FY22 with 58 degree completers, which represents an 80% increase in numbers since 2018. This growth significantly contributes to our impact in the state and region, driving Idaho’s knowledge economy.
  • For five consecutive years, Boise State has realized increases in the numbers of graduates who are from specific underrepresented minority groups with 552 baccalaureate degree graduates in 2021-22. Additionally, Boise State graduated a new high of 544 students who were from rural counties in Idaho.  The latter students are a special focus of the newly launched Community Impact Programs. Boise State also saw an increase in bachelor’s degree graduates who began as transfers from Idaho community colleges, with 482 of those completers.

Goal 2: Innovation for Institutional Impact

Select Performance Measures (PDF)

  • Boise State has been named a top 50 university in the most recent U.S. News and World Report’s most innovative schools ranking.
  • Boise State’s Quantum DNA (qDNA) Research Group received a Phase II renewal grant of $5 million from the Department of Energy Basic Energy Science’s (BES) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR) as part of a broader announcement of funded energy-related research projects.  The qDNA Research Group is composed of five research teams that span multiple departments and colleges at Boise State, and involving almost 30 faculty, professional staff and students.

Goal 3: Advance Research and Creative Activity

Select Performance Measures (PDF)

  • The Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities, secured $10.1 million in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Education for fiscal years 2021 and 2022. The funds support programs for historically underrepresented students in the community and at Boise State. The center is housed in the College of Education and serves low-income and first-generation students, as well as students with disabilities, veterans and students from migrant families, from pre-college enrollment to postsecondary graduation.
  • In fiscal year 2022, 422 Boise State sponsored project awards totaled a record-breaking $68 million. Compared to 2021, that is an increase of $2.7 million, and a new record for Idaho’s fastest-growing university. Additionally, research and sponsored project expenditures rose by nearly $5.6 million from 2021 to $61.3 million total.

Goal 4: Foster Thriving Community

Select Performance Measures (PDF)

  • Five new positions in Boise State University Health Services are being filled to strengthen the mental and emotional care support system for the campus community.  The counseling and psychiatric nurse practitioner care positions are new, critically needed and in keeping with the efforts being made among multiple departments and offices across campus.
  • Boise State actively works to align with the cares, interests, and activities of our local and state community. This commitment to service has been, and continues to be, a defining feature of the university.  Boise State was one of only 76 universities in the nation initially selected by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community Engaged Institution.
  • The Institute for Advancing American Values encourages conversation between multiple viewpoints to spur engagement, understanding, and human connection. Institute activities include: public events to encourage dialogue about central issues facing Idaho and the nation, research and projects that approach complex and contested issues through the prism of American values and evidenced-based research, and education programming supporting the development of new courses across the disciplines that chart how the values of freedom and opportunity have shaped the triumphs and challenges of American life and history.

Goal 5: Trailblaze Programs and Partnerships

Select Performance Measures (PDF)

  • Boise State University’s Extended Studies Community Impact Program was recognized by the University Professional Continuing Education Association with the “Outstanding Credit Program” award. The award celebrates the most original and functional approach in a degree-applicable or professional advancement program from universities in western states, including California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington.
  • Boise State is partnering with rural communities to provide them with free cybersecurity expertise through six-month student internships. The Cyberdome is a platform for skill set development within the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity’s overall mission of workforce development for students and providing employers with a workforce.
  • The Blue Sky Institute serves as a hub and neutral convener for those seeking DEI knowledge, expertise, resources, and connection. Blue Sky is connected to more than 25 Idaho based corporate, civic and nonprofit organizations from a variety of sectors — notable partners include Boise Cascade, KeyBank, Micron, Simplot, St. Alphonsus, the City of Boise and more.