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Progress on Metrics

Goal 1: Improve Educational Access and Student Success

Enhance the comprehensive student experience with a focus on student success and post-graduate outcomes.

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Goal 2: Innovation for Institutional Impact

Expand and implement leading-edge innovations to provide access to integrated high-quality teaching, service, research and creative activities.

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Goal 3: Advance Research and Creative Activity

Advance the research and creative mission of the university community by fostering transformational practices, and supporting faculty, staff, and student excellence in these pursuits.

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Goal 4: Foster Thriving Community

Promote and advance a fair, equitable, and accessible environment to enable all members of the campus community to make a living, make a life and make a difference.

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Goal 5: Trailblaze Programs and Partnerships

By partnering with industry, government, and community organizations, enhance and foster path breaking interdisciplinary programs and activities that transcend traditional fields of study.

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