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Goals and Strategies

Blueprint for Success 2021-2026

Goal 1 – Improve Educational Access and Student Success

Enhance the comprehensive student experience with a focus on student success and post-graduate outcomes.


  1. Create and enact a comprehensive, strategic enrollment and student success plan, including components related to supporting the whole student, recruitment, retention, graduation, and addressing equity gaps.
  2. Integrate career education and experiential learning opportunities into the curriculum and the student experience to improve career readiness and post-graduation outcomes.
  3. Expand educational access for all Idahoans through improved outreach, communication, financial aid, philanthropy, online resources and education.
  4. Cultivate a commitment to high-quality, new and innovative learning experiences in all courses, curricula and co-curricula.

Goal 2 – Innovation for Institutional Impact

Expand and implement leading-edge innovations to provide access to integrated high-quality teaching, service, research and creative activities.


  1. Create an enduring culture of innovation.
  2. Build scalable university structures and align philanthropic and strategic investments that support innovation.
  3. Establish individual and collective opportunity and accountability for innovation.

Goal 3 – Advance Research and Creative Activity

Advance the research and creative mission of the university community by fostering transformational practice, and support faculty, staff, and student excellence in these pursuits.


  1. Provide the physical space, policies, information systems, technology, budgetary and human resources to sustain and grow research and creative activities.
  2. Develop an integrated, transdisciplinary, and accessible research ecosystem dedicated to student excellence and success.
  3. Invest in a Grand Challenges initiative to propel a transdisciplinary model for research and creative activity.

Goal 4 – Foster Thriving Community

Promote and advance a fair, equitable and accessible environment to enable all members of the campus community to make a living, make a life and make a difference.


  1. Advance a learning and working environment dedicated to the flourishing, sense of belonging, and freedom of expression among all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the university.
  2. Create a comprehensive, whole-employee experience that aligns university resources and is designed to enhance employee well-being and career growth at the university.
  3. Create a transparent, centralized business operations model that responsibly uses university resources, supports collaboration, and promotes consistency across individual campus units.
  4. Foster a sustainable campus that is both environmentally and socially responsible as well as economically feasible.

Goal 5 -Trailblaze Programs and Partnerships

By partnering with industry, government, and community organizations, enhance and foster path breaking interdisciplinary programs and activities that transcend traditional fields of study.


  1. Leverage existing partnerships and programs and develop new opportunities with Idaho employers and private partnerships to address workforce, research, educational, and service needs.
  2. Expand partnerships across Idaho to ensure rural communities have access to high-quality educational programming that fits their needs.
  3. Create interdisciplinary structures to facilitate meaningful connections and experiences for students, faculty, and staff.