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5 ½ Things to Do With Your Bronco Card

Albertsons Library

Your Bronco Card is one of those little things that might be easy to forget, but is totally essential for tons of stuff that you’ll probably want or need to do around campus, and virtually, at some point. Here are some of the main things that you can do with your Bronco Card.

1) Get into buildings on campus

There are certain buildings around campus that you’ll need your Bronco Card to get into like: the food pantry, library, specific classrooms, some labs and centers, obviously student housing, and more. So, when you’re on campus, make sure you’ve got it on you at all times in order to get where you need to go!

2) Buy food

If you’re on a meal plan, you have to have your Bronco Card when getting food and so it can be charged to your meal account. You can also check out Dining Services to see all the awesome places you can order from with your Bronco Card.

3) Check into events (even virtual ones)

To attend some events, you will be asked to register with all of your Bronco info before you go (or log on). If you’re buying a ticket to an event, you might also get a discount just for being a student. Just one of the perks of being a Bronco!

4) Get access to the Rec

Did you know that if you’re a full-time student, you automatically have a Campus Recreation membership? You can stop by for a quick workout, sign up for a class or go for a swim. But in order to get in, (you guessed it) you need your Bronco Card. Then you can enjoy all the facilities the Rec Center has to offer!

5) Check out books and print at the library

There’s so much you can do at Albertsons Library — as long as you have your Bronco Card. If you want to check out a book, print stuff out, use other facilities like The MakerLab, and more you gotta show that Bronco Card!

5 ½) Side effects may include: feeling like you’re part of an exclusive club (which you are)

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