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5 1/2 Places to Chill and Recharge

A path through the Boise State Quad with trees on either side.

Our campus is pretty rad. There’s way too many peaceful places on campus to mention, but here are some of our favorites. No, these aren’t places to study (unless you really want to, I guess) — just places to clear your head, focus on stuff other than school, and refresh your Bronco spirit.

1) Resiliency Room

The Resiliency Room in the Student Union Building (SUB) was specifically designed for relaxation, peace, and quiet. It’s made to help you unwind and get comfortable with scented oils, a sound machine, blankets, coloring books, and more. It’s got tools for meditation and prayer too. Take some deep breaths and tap into your calm.

2) Gender Equity Center lounges

The Gender Equity Center has some awesome, safe spaces just inside their doors for students to escape and relax. They’ve got a lounge where you can unwind and watch some TV or choose a board game from their collection and play with friends. There’s also more private spaces available too if you need to work on a group project, do some studying, or if you just need a place to be alone for a little while. We feel you, Broncos.

3) The Quad

I just took such a nice stroll through the Quad and even though fall semester is in full swing again now, the Quad is a really nice place to relax. There might be some people walking through, but the study spots are set up in specific corners where it’s actually not too noisy. I like to take a stroll past all the trees, pick a bench, and just admire the smell and sounds of nature. It really helps me melt away some stress from my shoulders. If you listen closely you might be able to hear the sounds of the river. There’s tons of chairs, benches, and tables to choose from.

4) The SUB

Outside of the SUB, on the path facing housing and the athletics practice fields, is a wonderfully quiet space with benches, tucked away in a corner. It’s got shade, great views of the fields and flowers, and a bunch of tables to choose from. There’s also some great booth spots in the atrium of the SUB, facing Bronco Lane, which has huge windows and not a lot of foot traffic. You can also go just upstairs from there and usually find some quiet seats at a table or couch.

5) Cafes!

We’ve got a few places you can go to grab a coffee, chat with a friend, or read a book. Check out Starbucks in the SUB, Guru Donuts in the Library, Poppy Seed Cafe in the Micron Business and Economics Building, Urban Fox in the Multipurpose Classroom Building, and Einstein’s Bagels in the Interactive Learning Center. Nothing like a good cup o’ Joe to put me in the right headspace.

5 ½) On the internet

I’m kidding. Take a break from your phone and computer when you can. But first, here’s a funny video.

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