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5 1/2 Things For Finals Relief

It’s finals week. Things are stressful. But you’re in the home stretch of the semester. If you need a little break or pick-me-up from those final tests, papers, or projects here’s what you can do to chill out a bit, refresh, and then get back to it!

1) Share your pets on Instagram

There’s almost nothing that melts your heart more than a cute animal, am I right? Go to @getinvolvedbsu on Instagram and check out your fellow Broncos cutest, fluffiest, squishiest pets. You can share yours as well by submitting a photo to @getinvolvedbsu

2) Move your Body

When mostly everything is operating out of our homes these days, it can feel extra hard to escape our phones and laptops, which means we’re constantly plugged in to the thing that is causing us stress. Help your mind and body feel good with a little break by following some at home fitness classes from the Rec. Spend some time connecting with yourself before you power on.

3) Refuel between study sessions

Sometimes study sessions require long hours during finals week and it can feel like the best thing to just power through and get everything done you can in a single sitting. However, there’s only some much your brain can take. Make sure you take breaks often and give your brain what it needs to keep going with some tasty snack ideas from the Rec’s Instagram account.

4) Celebrate your last final!

When you click that final “submit” button, you should be so proud of yourself. You’ve done it! You’ve made it through this strange and scary fall 2020. Celebrate yourself by tagging @getinvolvedbsu when you submit your last final for the semester.

5) Cheer on your peers at winter commencement

Check out this year’s winter commencement on Saturday, Dec. 19 at 10 a.m. to celebrate all the hard work you and the graduating seniors have put into this semester. If you’d like to upload words of encouragement or a special message to your favorite grad, tag it #BoiseStateGrad and upload it to the commencement page so they can see it. Congrats everyone!

5 ½) You did it!!!


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