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It’s Nurses Week! And we know now more than ever how difficult these last couple of years would have been without the care of nurses everywhere. It literally would have been impossible. For those reasons and so many more, we’re so proud to feature these 6 Broncos who are pursuing careers in healthcare. Here’s what they had to say about what nursing means to them.

Laura O’Brien, second year, adult gerontology nurse practitioner

1) Laura O’Brien

“Nursing has given me experiences that have shaped me as a human and a member of my local community. I earned my BSN (bachelor of science nursing) in 2002 and have worked across the mountain west and even in New Zealand as a nurse. Over the last 20 years I have been a nurse in critical care settings like the ICU and ER, as well as in outpatient medical clinics. I am grateful that I chose nursing as it has supported me throughout my life and grounded me within the community in which I live. I look forward to working as a Nurse Practitioner in Idaho, serving our community, and making Boise State University proud.”

Lauren Kalember, doctor of nursing practice, class of 2023

2) Lauren Kalember

“I love being a nurse because I have the power to care for patients in many ways. From direct patient care to leadership, research, technology, and everything in between, the opportunities as a nurse are endless! For me, the Boise State University DNP (doctor of nursing practice) program equips me with the tools to be a nursing leader that can change health care each and every day!”

Rheza Agtarap, first year, doctor of nursing practice

3) Rheza Agtarap

“Nursing has given me the incredible opportunity to educate myself, my loved ones, and my community about how to care for our bodies, minds, and each other. It is a privilege to nurse somebody back to health, to advocate, to educate, or to just be present. With continued healthcare advancements and medical challenges, our communities will need people with the skills to understand and apply medical information, and present this to the general population in a way that is encouraging and comprehensible. Nurses are at the forefront of this movement and have a significant impact on the trajectory of what healthcare will look like in the future. We should be proud of what we do and continue to work towards the goal of making “health” a reality for all.”

Amanda Rose Timoney, senior, bachelor of science nursing

4) Amanda Rose Timoney

“To me, nursing means that I will have a career that is rooted in a lifetime of learning. I chose this career because I wanted a job that allowed me to put good things into the world. I believe it is a huge privilege to be able to work with patients at all stages of life, the good and the bad, and help them live a life that they find purpose in. Go Broncos!”

Steph Shawver, third year, acute care adult-gerontology nurse practitioner

5) Steph Shawver

“I have been an RN for 17 years and chose this career path because I enjoy helping people and love to help others find their full potential. Being a nurse is a beautiful blend of art and science, requiring a strong knowledge base in the science of the human body and its spirit. I often meet patients under difficult circumstances and am present with them through serious health challenges, injuries, and the beginning or the end of life. Being with people to support and guide them through what is the worst or the best moments of their lives is a privileged and sacred connection—one that I take very seriously. Nursing is an act of love through the healing of mind, body, and soul. Being a nurse is not what I do—it’s who I am.”

5 ½) Celebrating Nurses Week!

Of course, we’re celebrating nurses all year long, but May 6 – 12 is a particularly special week dedicated to showing appreciation for those who choose to work in healthcare. We’ll be featuring one nurse per day on our Instagram page, so go show them some love!

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