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Academic Support

Asking for help is smart. Seriously. You could already be a stellar student and still benefit from a second set of eyes on your work. The trick is knowing when, and how, to ask for help. Here’s a few resources on campus to get you started.

Learning Assistants

The person sitting next to you in class could be a paid Learning Assistant (LA) who knows exactly what’s happening in that class and how to guide your study toward a great grade.

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Writing Center

The Writing Center’s tagline is “because writers need readers”. Student staff come from a wide variety of majors and can help you with the specifics, like APA or MLA style. Don’t know that that is? Exactly.

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Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center isn’t just for math majors. Free tutoring for students from all majors starts with pre-algebra, working up through pre-calculus to calculus. Build skills and boost your confidence by getting help when you need it.

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Academic Accommodations

The Education Access Center (EAC) provides academic accommodations – like alternative testing, interpreters, smartpens, etc. – for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. You’ll go through a request process and work closely with EAC staff and your professors to determine and implement the accommodations you need.

Educational Access Center

Your Professors and Teaching Assistants

Don’t forget to take advantage of your professor’s office hours. If you’re struggling in a class, check in with your professor or their teaching assistant and let them know you need help. Their office hours are almost always listed on the syllabus, so check there to find out when to catch them. Or just catch them after class to ask.

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Your Professors: Helping You Succeed

Your professors want you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out, ask questions, and let them help you.

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