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Making Academic Decisions

You may know exactly where you want to be when you graduate from Boise State and the path you’ll take to get there. But, if you’re not so sure, don’t worry. Studies show 80 percent of college students change their major at least once. We get it. Here’s a few offices and resources that can help you make some of those big decisions.

Advising and Academic Support Center

The Advising and Academic Support Center has a team of advisors to help you explore academic options, choose a major or change your major. They’ll walk you through the process and set you on the right course for your academic plan.

Explore academic options with an advisor

Career Counseling

Figuring out your life is an ongoing process. Over time you will change, situations will change, and you’ll continually have to make career and life decisions. Career Counselors help you make the decisions you need to make now AND give you tools to help you make future career and life decisions.

Find out how a career counselor can help you

Your Professors

Take advantage of your professors’ office hours. We can’t emphasize enough how helpful it can be to spend some time getting to know your professors, asking questions and getting some direction – especially if you’re really excited about the topic or field they are experts in. Your class syllabus should list their office hours, but you can even start with catching them for a quick bit after class.

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