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How we commute to and from campus matters!

Find the most sustainable transportation method you can use to get to and from campus and track your trips with ShareTheRideIdaho to win gift cards to restaurants and tickets to events.

Student and Staff Awareness of Active Transportation

  • Increase campus awareness of Active Transportation options through Active April communication campaigns and activities
  • Received COMPASS Award in Leadership and Government for the Boise State Orange Shuttle

Bronco Shuttle  

  • Boise State Bronco Shuttle Program won the Leadership in Motion Award for Leadership in Government for creating a downtown circulatory shuttle connecting the University to the downtown Transit hub and a Hospital (St. Luke’s) that staff, students and the public can use
  • Implemented Orange route during the summer
  • Average of 25,000 riders a month between all shuttles during the academic school year

Bike Program

  • Implemented covered bike racks near the Library and Capital Village Bike hotel

Transportation Services

Boise State Transportation Services has all the information you may need to know when it comes to your commute to and from campus. Learn the many ways to navigate the Boise Area without your personal vehicle…

Transport Yourself Now

Energy Saving Transportation

At Boise State, we have some fantastic programs that make getting to and around campus more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly for students.

Cycle Learning Center

Boise State’s own bike shop and maintenance center. You can buy new and used bikes for great prices, get a tune up, or take free lunchtime workshops to learn how to fix your own bike. The CLC is a platinum-level bike friendly business that also provides recreational and educational opportunities for students and the community.

CLC Website

Bronco Shuttle Stop

Valley Ride stops on campus to help get around the city without a car. Bronco Shuttles are free to the public – not just students and staff! The Bronco Shuttles average 28,000 rides per month, eliminating the need to drive on campus.

Find Routes and Schedules

Fun fact: The Orange shuttle goes downtown to the transit center. Take this shuttle instead of driving, save on emissions and the cost/stress of parking!

Electric Campus Vehicles

  • Order 6 new electric golf carts to replace gas powered vehicles, which will make 10% of the Boise State vehicle inventory electric. The goal was to reach 10% electric or alternative fuel by 2013.
  • Goal to attain 30% electric fleet in the next 10 years – 2% or 3 vehicles per year
  • Make electric vehicle use on campus accessible with strategic placement of electric vehicle charging stations