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Bicycles on Campus

Boise State University is one of 18 campuses across the country to hold a gold designation as a Bicycle Friendly University from the League of American Bicyclists. The campus has many bicycle friendly features, such as the Cycle Learning Center, bike rentals and purchases, dedicated bike lanes, self-service stations, classes, and more.

Electric Bike

New to the Public Safety fleet. This Electric Bicycle will be used by our Bike Program Facilities to move impounded or donated bicycles around and off campus. It will also haul bike racks, tools and equipment to install bike racks on campus. The Cycle Learning Center (CLC) will use it to move recyclable materials like metal and rubber from bikes.  It also will aid in bike events and mobile repairs for the campus. The Electric Bike is largely maintainable with the CLC’s expertise and has very low upkeep costs. It’s environmentally friendly and promotes employee health.


Campus Bike Map

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