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Collection Process

Accounts Receivable (AR) mails statements around the 20th of each month. The statements will include a ‘Past Due’ stamp if they are over 30 days past due. If an invoice is 60 days or more past due, a letter stating that the invoice needs to be paid or arrangements made as soon as possible to avoid being turned over to a collection company will be sent with the statement. At 90 days past due, AR will reach out to your department to discuss and decide if the invoices should to be turned over to the collection company.

If your department wishes to turn an account over to the collection company, the following will need to be provided to Accounts Receivable:

  • Contact attempts
  • Signed contracts or agreement from customer
  • Current contact information of customer

Payment Collection Template Email
Payment Collection Phone Template Script
Non-AR Using Departments Collection Process

*Please note that for balances that have remained outstanding for one year, collection is unlikely and it is recommended that the amount be written off.