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Payment Procedures

Accounts Receivable must process all payments for AR invoices.

If your department has received a check that is for an outstanding AR invoice, you must deliver it to Accounts Receivable (AR) at University Plaza Building 960 Broadway, Suite 300. (Per Boise State University’s Cash Handling Policy 6010, all checks must be deposited within 24 hours of receiving them.) If your department is unable to deliver the check to the AR office, please contact us to discuss an alternative option.

Payments are posted manually to each invoice individually, due to the time of the month and payment volume please allow one week for payments to be posted.

Note: If your customer pays their invoice(s) on the AR/Treasury eMarket, your department will receive a 3% revenue allocation fee. Please fill out this funding form to ensure the allocation fee is posted to the correct FDCC.


If there is a refund due to a department’s external customer, please fill out the Credit Memo, Void, Write-Off Form and email the request to

Since the invoice and payment were processed by AR, to ensure that all transactions are captured in the AR data, AR will need to process the refund.

Third-Party Invoicing Systems

Boise State University conducts business with other institutions/entities around the country. These institutions/entities may require a representative of Boise State to input information into a third-party verification system prior to payment being delivered. Generally, the department that is doing business with the institution/entity will create the account with the third-party system and request additional documents as necessary.

Some examples of a third-party system are:

  • PaymentWorks

The Treasury recommends that a shared email inbox be designated for these types of invites so access is not inadvertently lost. If such an invite is sent to you, verify its validity prior to clicking on any links in accordance with Cybersecurity Awareness initiatives. The same email that the invite was sent to must be the same email that completes account creation. There are two documents required for this process that can be requested from the Treasury team and the Accounts Receivable team: a bank letter and a W-9. Please email and for a copy of each if you do not already have one, or would like to reconfirm those details.