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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Receivable FAQs

Customer Questions, Invoices, Payments, and Reports

How do I apply to a third-party invoicing system?

Boise State University conducts business with other institutions/entities around the country. These institutions/entities may require a representative of Boise State to input information into a third-party verification system prior to payment being delivered. Generally, the department that is doing business with the institution/entity will create the account with the third-party system and request additional documents as necessary.

Some examples of a third-party system are:

  • PaymentWorks

The Treasury recommends that a shared email inbox be designated for these types of invites so access is not inadvertently lost. If such an invite is sent to you, verify its validity prior to clicking on any links in accordance with Cybersecurity Awareness initiatives. The same email that the invite was sent to must be the same email that completes account creation. There are two documents required for this process that can be requested from the Treasury team and the Accounts Receivable team: a bank letter and a W-9. Please email and for a copy of each if you do not already have one, or would like to reconfirm those details.

How do we send our customer to Collections?

If the invoice is 90 days past due, please provide Accounts Receivable (AR) with your due diligence attempts to your customer along with a request from your departments account manager to initiate the collections process.  Then, the customer will receive a letter informing them that that have 30 days to pay before their account will be turned over to a third party collection agency.  After 30 days, if the invoice is still unpaid, the customer will receive another letter stating that their account has been officially turned over to collections.

An invoice is still outstanding but the customer states they sent a payment?

Payments are posted manually to each invoice individually, due to the time of the month and invoice/payment volume please allow 1 week for payments, or invoices, to be posted.  Additionally, Create Accounting is run once a week.  Create Accounting is the process of posting all items from the subledger, in this case the Accounts Receivable (AR) Subledger, to the General Ledger.  If you are running an Account Analysis Report, your invoices will not show until Create Accounting is completed.

What if I receive a check in our department for an outstanding invoice that has been recorded by Accounts Receivable (AR)?

Please deliver all checks related to an AR invoice to Accounts Receivable, University Plaza Building 960 Broadway, Suite 300.  (Per Boise State University’s Cash Handling Policy 6010, all checks must be deposited within 24 hours of receiving them.) If your department is unable to deliver the check to the AR office, please contact us to discuss an alternative option.

What is the process for past due accounts, who follows up with the customer?

It is the department’s responsibility to run monthly aging reports and follow up with customers whose invoices are 30 days past due.

Customer inquiry on invoice (customer has not received invoice)?

If a customer has not received an invoice that they are expecting, please double check the address that your department provided to Accounts Receivable (AR) on the Invoice Request Template. The department can use the ‘Print an Invoice’ Job Aid to view and print a copy for the customer (the job aid is located under Department Resources). The customer, or department, may also email AR with any specific questions.

Can we change the look of an invoice?

No, the invoice is auto generated from Bronco Hub templates and are not able to change. If additional information is necessary for a customer, please add all pertinent information to the description section of the Invoice Request Template.

Can an invoice be updated/changed once created?

This is not possible, once the invoice is created any changes, line descriptions, customer name/address, invoiced amount, etc. are done via creating a credit memo and then creating a new invoice – which requires several manual steps.  Please verify that all information is accurate before sending to Accounts Receivable (AR).

How do I make changes to an accounting string used to create an invoice?

If your department needs to change the accounting that was used to create an AR Invoice(s), this should be done via a Journal Entry Request to Admin Accounting.

When are invoices processed in Accounts Receivable (AR)?

Invoices are processed in the month they are received by AR.  If you need an invoice booked in the current period it must be sent to AR in the current period.

Who is responsible for monitoring customers with poor payment history?

It is not Accounts Receivable’s responsibility to monitor customer’s payment history. It is the department’s responsibility to run monthly aging reports and follow up with customers whose invoices are 30 days past due.

Who will use Bronco Hub Accounts Receivable (Bronco Hub AR)?

Bronco Hub AR is used by the Controller’s Office to process invoices and post payments for campus departments.  Departments have the ability to view Bronco Hub AR to monitor and review their customer’s activity.  If your department is interested in using AR for external customers, please email to get started.

How will overpayments be handled?

When a payment is being applied to an invoice and there is an overpayment, Accounts Receivable (AR) will reach out to your department for clarification on how it should be handled.  The options will include: apply to another outstanding invoice, revise invoice to match payment from customer, refund the payment back to the customer, or apply the overpayment on to the customer’s account.

What payment methods do we accept?

Payment methods accepted:  Check, ACH/EFT, Credit Card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Amex)

What field should be used to print additional information on an invoice?

If you are wanting to add additional information, other then what is requested and entered into Bronco Hub AR, the easiest way is to use the ‘Print an Invoice’ Job Aid to view and save a copy of the invoice as a PDF  (the job aid is located under Department Resources) add a text box and enter your department’s additional information.

Will departments have the ability to split revenue accounts on a single invoice?

Yes, when submitting an invoice on the Invoice Request Template, the department will have the option to split the revenue up into as many revenue accounts as desired.

My department’s records do not match Accounts Receivable (AR)'s records, what do I do?

Accounts Receivable (AR) does not reconcile to third party applications.  Bronco Hub AR and the General Ledger is the official record for the University and departments should reconcile their data to it.  If the data does not match, please identify the discrepancies and email AR.   We appreciate your time and help in reviewing the invoices and customer accounts; it helps tremendously to ensure our AR data is current and correct.

What if my customer needs a refund?

If there is a refund due to an Accounts Receivable (AR) customer please email a refund request to the AR email.   Since the invoice and payment were processed by AR, to ensure that all transactions are captured in the AR data, AR will need to process the refund.   If changes are needed to an invoice, to reflect the refund, this will need to be communicated to AR as well.

How do I invoice a campus department?

Accounts Receivable (AR) does not invoice campus departments, i.e. internal customers, AR only invoices external customers.  To invoice a campus department, please work with Accounts Payable and submit an Internal Payment Request.

My Account Analysis Report (AAR) does not show payments, have the invoices been paid?

The account analysis report only shows revenue, which is generated by invoices.  When a department sends Accounts Receivable an invoice to be generated, revenue is then created and posted to the account string provided on the invoice request immediately upon creation.  Anything sent to AR to be invoiced will show on an AAR, however the payments do not. We strongly recommend running an aging report as part of each department’s monthly process, that way departments can be sure they received their revenue.

What is the best/quickest way in Bronco Hub to see if a payment has been made on a recent customer invoice?

The AR Aging Report could be run; if the invoice is no longer on the report than the invoice has been paid. With the AR Aging Report something to note: Create Accounting is run once a week (typically on Fridays). Create Accounting is the process of posting all items from the subledger, in this case the Accounts Receivable (AR) Subledger, to the General Ledger. If you are running an Account Analysis Report or the AR Aging Report, your invoices will not show or they will not fall off the aging report, until Create Accounting is completed.

Why don't AR payments show on the Deposits - Campus Transaction DB?

The Deposits under Boise State Reporting show the department deposit journals (DD ACH, DD Credit Card, etc.), payments posted by AR are not posted via journal entry but rather against the outstanding invoice by a receipt in the AR Module. This dashboard does not capture the data from the AR Module.

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