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FY21 Tuition and Fees

Resident Tuition and Fees Rates

The following table contains tuition and fee rates for resident undergraduates and graduates per semester. For a complete list of annual full-time fees and part-time credit hour fees, please see Changes to Student Fees for FY21 (PDF).

* The full-time undergraduate fee is charged to undergraduate students taking 11 or more credit hours. The full-time graduate fee is charged to graduate students taking nine or more credits.

All fees, tuition and other charges are subject to change.

-Full-Time* Under Grad (per semester)Full-Time* Graduate (per semester)Part-Time Under GradPart-Time GraduateSummer 2021 Under GradSummer 2021 Graduate
General Education Fees------
Part-Time Credit Hour--251.75251.75199.08199.08
Facility and Technology Fees------
Facilities Fee694.80694.8063.1663.1649.4449.44
Information Technology Fee128.57128.5711.6911.698.908.90
Activity Fees------
Intercollegiate Athletics and Spirit Squad122.15122.1511.111.18.888.88
Student Health Center53.5053.504.864.864.324.32
Student Union68.5068.506.
Campus Recreation71.1971.196.476.476.476.47
Student Transportation Fee12.0012.
Associated Student Body13.5013.501.
Student Activity Fee99.6199.619.
Other Fees------
Graduate Fee-789.00-103.00-75.00
Total Resident Student Tuition and Fees$4,030.00$4,819.00$366.64$469.64$292.75$367.75
Other Fees / Tuition------
Non-resident Tuition$8,460.00 in addition to resident tuition and fees-----
Non-resident Part-Time Credit Hour Fee$357.00 in addition to resident fees-----
Non-resident Summer Credit Hour Fee$35.00 in addition to resident fees-----
Western Undergrad Exchange Fee$2,015.00 in addition to resident tuition and fees-----
In-Service per credit hour fee - Undergrad$129.00 maximum that can be charged-----
In-Service per credit hour fee - Graduate$170.00 maximum that can be charged-----
Tuition per credit hour over 16 hours enrolled$252.00-----