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Travel FAQs

Travel FAQs

General Travel FAQs

What is the per diem for Idaho?

The Idaho State Board of Examiners has set the daily per diem rate for Idaho at $55.00 as of January 1, 2022. The previous rate was $49.00 per day.

How do I calculate partial day per diem?

Use the Bronco Hub per diem calculator.

Can I spend some personal time at my business destination?

Yes. Purchase your airfare with personal funds and request reimbursement after the trip is complete. You must provide proof that the cost including the personal days was not more than the cost would have been for a business only trip. You must also provide the exact dates and times of departure and return to official university business.

What is the mileage rate for travel in a personal vehicle?

The rate is .655 cents per mile for all mileage after February 11, 2023.

What is a telecommute agreement and when is it needed?

A telecommute agreement is needed for an employee that has an official workstation that is not university owned or considered a satellite location for the university. Contact Human Resources to get one set up or to confirm one is on file. When entering an expense report for an employee that has a telecommute agreement on file with HR, please make a note in the description stating they have one on file.

What should I know about small (dollar) purchases?

These recommendations benefit the university by being financially and administratively efficient in order to facilitate cost savings, policy compliance, and transparency while providing protection to the purchaser.

1. Non-travel personal reimbursements should be limited to emergency purchases generally less than $300
2. P-Cards should be the first choice when making small purchases
3. Contract Vendors must be used whenever possible
4. Under no circumstances may an employee pay an individual for services

Other considerations:

  • Computers, Ipads, or other IT equipment must be purchased through OIT
  • Software requires SARB approval
  • Foreign vendors must be evaluated for potential tax withholding
  • Boise State has an Amazon Business membership which should be used for purchases to prevent individuals from paying sales tax and shipping and needing reimbursement. *Amazon Business Membership is for current P-Card Users
  • Signed agreements must follow OGC policy and procedures

Overall, expense reports are the least cost-effective way to purchase items for the university and it puts the most risk on the purchaser. Purchases could be deemed ineligible for reimbursement for policy and/or accountable plan violations. Reimbursements should be minimized as much as possible.

Can I use an Airbnb?

Yes, but there are concerns. Airbnb is best used for individual travelers and is only allowed for domestic travel. Lodging for two or more travelers is highly discouraged, especially for groups. There are inherent risks associated with any group lodging situation and these may be exacerbated in a home setting. The Office of General Counsel (OGC) advises vetting and addressing concerns such as sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence and stalking.

At this time, the University has determined that Airbnb is the only short-term alternative lodging that can be used for University business without first submitting individual agreements to the Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) for advance review and approval. Airbnb uses standard legal terms and conditions that have been vetted by OGC.

P-Card is the preferred method of payment when an individual is traveling. If paying on a personal card, be aware that the University will not reimburse for charges incurred due to non-compliance with the facility’s terms and conditions.

For more information:

Office of the General Counsel: Hotel/Lodging

Office of Sponsored Programs: Using Airbnb for University Business (all fund sources, including sponsored projects)

Travel Authorizations

How do I access the Travel Authorization Application on myBoiseState?

Login to the Travel Application with your Boise State username and password. It is also available from myBoiseState under resources.

What is a Travel Authorization (TA)?

A TA is an electronic form that documents the details about proposed travel and estimated costs. Each TA is specific to a planned trip with a defined location, start and end dates, and business purpose. A TA also serves as written permission to travel for the performance of official duties. Note: You can submit TAs only for future travel dates. You cannot submit TAs for travel that has start and end dates in the past.

How far in advance should I submit a TA?

A TA should be submitted in enough time to be approved before the travel will occur.

  • Employee: At least two weeks prior to travel is recommended.
  • Student/Group: At least three to four weeks prior to travel is recommended.
  • Cash Advance: At least three to four weeks prior to travel is recommended

Where do I enter the funding source information for the TA?

Funding source information will be entered into the Travel Authorization in order to hold department funds for future travel. All travel will be encumbered to the account segment 539999.

Can the traveler incur any expenses prior to the approval of the TA?

The TA must be approved prior to incurring expenses for the planned travel.

What do I do if the trip was cancelled?

Edit the Travel Authorization in the application, enter reason for canceling in the “Comments” field and then, select Cancel Request at the bottom of the form.

Will the TA be required with the Expense Report?

Attach the PDF of the approved TA to all transactions related to trip, including Expense Reports, Payment Requests and P-Card receipts.

Do I use the Travel Authorization and Expense Report to reimburse travel expenses to a candidate interviewing with the university or other non-employees?

No. This process is only used to reimburse Boise State employees. To reimburse non-employees create an Invoice Payment in Bronco Hub and attach a completed Non-Employee Reimbursement Support form, see instructions How to Reimburse Non-employees.

Expense Reports

What is an Expense Report (EX)?

An Expense Report (EX) is completed in Bronco Hub after a business trip is completed or purchase is made. Reports are processed to request reimbursement for all business-related expenses, both travel and non-travel related. See below for needed documentation.

Note: You can submit EXs only for past dates.

Where do I enter the funding source information in the EX?

Funding source information will be entered for each expense line item of an EX. A default funding source can be set up for each user that will correspond to the expense type of the line.

What documentation is required for the EX?

All business expense reimbursements require a complete, clear business purpose substantiated by receipts that show proof of payment, what was purchased, name and location of vendor and date of purchase.

  • Flight itinerary with dates and times, even if purchased with P-Card
  • Per Diem: Attach the completed per diem calculator to document the expense item. Required for trips of three days or more
  • Mileage: If more than three trips, provide mileage log with start and end locations
  • Travel Authorization: Attach the approved TA for all travel-related expenses. (optional)
  • P-Card Receipts: Attach any travel-related P-Card receipts to the appropriate EX. (optional)

Do I use the Travel Authorization and Expense Report to reimburse travel expenses to a candidate interviewing with the university or other non-employees?

No. This process is only used to reimburse Boise State employees. To reimburse non-employees create a requisition for payment and attach a completed Non-Employee Reimbursement Support form.

How long do I have to request my reimbursement?

You must submit your reimbursement request within 120 days of the date the expense is incurred. However, your reimbursement will be taxable if you submit it more than 60 days after the expense is incurred.

May I delegate another person to enter my Expense Report?

Yes. An employee may delegate entry authority of the EX to another employee by following the instructions listed on the Delegating Expense Report Submissions job aid.

Who may approve my EX?

Once an EX is completed and submitted, it will be routed through the standard approval workflow which includes the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor and the fund source manager.

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