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Be Well Outside

Explore. Play. Get outside!

The Be Well Outside Initiative is Boise State’s combined effort to encourage students to access outdoor resources, spend time in natural spaces, and contribute to our community’s outdoor stewardship.

Why Spend Time Outdoors? Studies report that students who spent as little as 10-20 minutes a day in outdoor, natural spaces experienced improved moods, decreased heart rate, and blood pressure, and decreased levels of stress and anxiety!


Outdoor Resources

Outdoor Program

Rentals, trips and more!

Cycle Learning Center

Our on-campus cycle source!

Ridge to Rivers

Learn about trail conditions and access!

Happy Trails Pledge

Pledge to care for Boise's foothills!

The Ribbon of Jewels

Celebrating Women's History!

Interactive Trail Map

Local trails!

The Outbound

Find hiking trails, tips and more!

Campus Sustainability

Sustainability at Boise State

Volunteer Opportunities

Boise Parks and Rec Open Space Division
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