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Spoken by:

20 million people worldwide

Countries where Bosnian is Spoken:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo

Why Study Bosnian?

  • “Bosnia is a perfect place to study diplomacy as well as conflict resolution, being a viable example of a country that has successfully overcome its difficult past and was able to successfully rebuild itself.”
    – “Study Abroad in Bosnia
  • “Bosnia and Herzegovina is quickly becoming a draw to study abroad students for its affordability, beautiful language, rich culture and easy access to a dizzying array of outdoor activities.”
    – “8 Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • “Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique mixture of Eastern and Western cultures as the result of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires leaving their heritages there.”
    – “Bosnia and Herzegovina History and Culture
  • “Once students learn the basics of the Bosnian language, they will be able to pick up other similar languages, such as Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Bulgarian.”
    – “Similar Languages to Bosnian


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Develops beginning abilities in Bosnian in all four language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Offers basic study of grammatical structures and vocabulary in a communicative context as well as an introduction to Bosnian/Balkan cultures.

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