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Research & Community Projects

In the News

Devereux Herbeck publishes on fictional portrayals of French female concierges
Arispe presents digital humanities research funded by National Endowment for the Humanities
Amber Hoye shares some practical tips used in creating the OER French 101 textbook
Kelly Arispe presents on open educational resources and mobile apps for language acquisition

Community Engagement

From left: left Milena Quiros, Dylan McCallum, Fátima Cornwall, Alondra Murillo, Rikki Fix and Nathan Weber. Photo provided by Cornwall.

Students Provide Translation Services for Genesis Community Health

“For those who are Spanish speaking, we could not provide this care without help from Boise State Spanish program students. They are a key link to ensuring Genesis provides services that are both linguistically and culturally appropriate to our Treasure Valley neighbors in need.”

This collaboration also won the Boise State Spring 2020 Commitment to Community award.

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Photo of Idaho Statesman Website with Spanish News Story and person being vaccinated in a car

Spanish for Healthcare and the Idaho Statesman

“The students in Professor Cornwall’s ‘Spanish for Healthcare’ class [partnered] with the Idaho Statesman to add Spanish interpretation to some of the most important clips from each press conference. These students, many of whom are native Spanish-speakers, [gave] up many evenings and weekends to make sure their community can hear their state leaders deliver information important to their families’ lives in their first language.”

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Sacha Villegas and Edgar Zuniga perform the “El Camino” radio ad. Photo by Chelsea Smith.

Spanish for Healthcare and the Idaho Caregiver Alliance

Students in SPAN 382 joined forces with the Idaho Caregiver Alliance to translate materials, as well as to create a radio ad. “Professor Fatima Cornwall’s “Spanish for Healthcare” team took on the task, translating a postcard, an Instagram ad, a Spanish section of the website and a radio ad that is playing on La Grande and La Poderosa throughout the month of November. Cornwall organizes community-based projects for students every semester to help students connect to the legitimate needs in their community and provide vital translation service.”

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Project Scientia

The Spanish Translation GEM3 team is an initiative that seeks to share research findings with a broader Spanish-speaking audience. According to US census data, in the United States, 21% of the population speaks a language different than English at home and 13.5% of that population uses Spanish. In Idaho alone, 8.2% of the population are Spanish speakers. Additionally, Spanish is spoken in 21 countries. Communicating science to Spanish speakers in and beyond the USA borders is essential to build an environmentally aware society that is inclusive and diverse. Consequently, the goal of Project SCIENTIA is to create STEM dissemination materials tailored to this broader Spanish-speaking audience.

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The Pathways Project

The Pathways Project, an initiative from the Department of World Languages at Boise State University, is a collaborative network of open educational resources (OER) including instructional language teaching materials and professional development created by and uniquely for Idaho’s K-16 language teachers and students.

Teachers and students participating in the Pathways Project come from different fields of study and schools across Idaho to create open (i.e., free), digital activities that support the teaching and learning of foreign languages and promote intercultural competence. We hope to impact the opportunities learners have to connect to the global world!

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