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World Languages Resource Center


A Gathering Place

The World Languages Resource Center (WLRC) is located next to the World Language department offices. Whether taking a study break in between classes, participating in a conversation lab, or completing an innovative media project, all students studying a world language are invited to the WLRC.

We're here for you, virtually!

Spring 2021 Operations

The World Languages Resource Center will operate virtually during the spring 2021 semester.  Online services, such as conversation labs, will be provided to our language students and communicated with them via the course site.

Do you have questions about conversation labs, a web tool being used in one of your courses, or something else?

Drop by our virtual Zoom Desk! You can easily chat with us, send us an audio message, and we can video call you as well.

  1. To enter, launch Zoom and look for the Chat tab at the top of the screen. Then, click the + on the left side and select “Join a Channel.”
  2. Select the “Student Support- WLRC Virtual Desk” and use the message option at the bottom to send us a text or audio message.

Virtual Desk Hours of Operation (Closed Weekends and University Holidays)
Monday- 9:00am to 7:00pm
Tuesday- 9:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday- 9:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday- 11:00am to 7:00pm
Friday- 9:00am to 2:30pm

Interested in borrowing a device or a (digital) movie rental?
Details will be sent out to all students enrolled in a language course after the add/drop date.

Need to make up a conversation lab?
Please follow the instructions on this link.

Resources for Language Students

What Does the WLRC Offer?

Language Films, Books, Games, and So Much More!

A computer lab equipped with a BroncoPrint station for scanning and printing provides access to authentic resources such as online journals and newspapers from around the world, specialized software and recording tools.

The WLRC also hosts a collection of more than 1,200 films for student checkout, authentic language books and games, along with mobile tablets for use in and out of the classroom.

Over 1,200 Foreign Language Films

Authentic Language Books & Resources

Long-term iPad Checkouts

Language Board Games


Conversation Labs

All students enrolled in a 100, 200, and some 300 level language courses participate in a weekly conversation lab. Most labs are held in the WLRC.

For students enrolled in ASL, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish courses, you’ll receive an email to enroll in a conversation time slot. A variety of morning, afternoon, and evening slots will be available and this time slot will be yours for the semester.

For other languages, you will sign up for a time via BroncoWeb or your instructor will provide you with a list of times the first week of class.

Internship and Work Opportunities

Make an Impact

In this short video, Spanish Secondary Education Major, Abby Cain, discusses how working in the World Languages Resource Center at Boise State positively impacted her life and empowered her to make a difference for students studying a second language.

Internships and Work Positions at the WLRC

The World Languages Resource Center (WLRC) is a great place to practice and improve your language and technical skills, make a difference in the lives of our language students, and add a meaningful experience to your resume before graduation.

If you’re interested in getting involved, there are many opportunities including Work Study funded positions and internships for academic and language credit. Opportunities are posted each semester on and include positions such as:

  • Conversation Assistants
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Open Educational Activities Editor or Creator
  • Administrative Support for the WLRC
  • Computer Lab and Technology Assistant

Please contact with any questions!

Lead with Languages

The Pathways OER Project

The Pathways Open Educational Resource (OER) Language Teaching Repository, an initiative from the Boise State University Department of World Languages, is an open and collaborative network of instructional materials and professional development created by and uniquely for Idaho’s K-16 language teachers and students.

Teachers and students participating in the Pathways Project come from different fields of study and schools across Idaho to create open (i.e., free), digital activities that support the teaching and learning of foreign languages and promote intercultural competence. We hope to impact the opportunities learners have to connect to the global world!

Learn more about the Pathways OER Project