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Griff Allen, 2023 Innovation Award Winner

Griff Allen
Engineering Innovation Studio Manager

The Engineering Innovation Studio – A Welcoming Environment for Experiential Learning, Engineered by Griff Allen

Griff Allen, the Engineering Innovation Studio (EIS) Manager, is a key player in providing a welcoming environment for experiential learning among students at Boise State University. Allen is responsible for the creation and development of the EIS, originally designed for Mechanical Engineering students, now also serving Civil Engineering and Engineering+. With his innovative thinking, Allen has built an environment for student collaboration and intentional design that has grown into a welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic space.

Walk in to the Engineering Innovation Studio, and you can feel the buzz and energy of students creating, collaborating, and learning. Students are teaching, too: Allen employs a number of shop managers who are leaders and students within the College of Engineering program. Allen supports and trains these students, who in addition teach others. Allen models enthusiasm toward visitors and he and Studio employees are eager to highlight the most recent student projects underway. This approach reduces any anxiety students might feel about learning to work with the tools and approaches the Studio offers.

Allen’s contributions to innovation at Boise State can also be seen in some of the university’s signature designs. He worked to lead the face mask project during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he designed and built the “Blue Turf” model sent out by President Tromp as well as the College of Engineering’s 25th Anniversary card holder. Students, faculty, and staff agree that Allen is the spirit of the Innovation Studio, constantly inventing and innovating projects that give students a chance to try new things and learn new skills. Allen’s leadership has created an environment where students feel empowered to make their own creations and have an active role in their learning.

The Engineering Innovation Studio is an environment that fosters student success. Griff Allen embodies Boise State’s commitment to experiential learning, student empowerment, and success.

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