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Annual Evaluation Of Deans (Policy 4520)

University Policy 4520

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Effective Date

July 1978

Last Revision Date

April 2014

Responsible Party

This policy applies to all Deans of the academic colleges and the Library.

Scope and Audience

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202

Additional Authority

State Board of Education Policy, Section II.F.

1. Policy Purpose

To provide for the annual evaluation of academic deans.

2. Policy Statement

All deans of academic units and the library will be evaluated annually. These evaluations are intended to assist in overall assessment of their performance as dean and to provide constructive feedback.

3. Definitions

3.1 Dean

Chief administrative officer of the college or library.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

4.1 Evaluation Criteria

Each Dean will be evaluated on the following criteria:

4.1.1 Leadership

a. Provides for the development of clearly-stated goals and objectives for the college/ library.

b. Communicates college/library goals and objectives to all personnel.

c. Creates an environment that motivates personnel to work enthusiastically and cooperatively toward common goals.

d. Has long-range vision, thinks and plans beyond the year-to-year operation.

e. Reaches out and influences constituencies beyond own college/ library.

f. Sets high expectations for her/himself and others.

g. Strives to enable others to achieve their best.

h. Reflects an ability to cope with the conflicting requirements of multiple constituencies.

i. Grasps the relationship of the college/ library to the University.

j. Searches for and presents opportunities for improving teaching, research and service.

4.1.2 Administration

a. Displays an ability to plan, organize, establish priorities, and make decisions.

b. Manages staffing effectively. Provides opportunities for faculty and staff to use their abilities most effectively and productively.

c. Allocates resources prudently.

d. Maintains open lines of communication.

e. Involves appropriate persons in decision-making process.

f. Handles conflict resolution in fair and consistent manner.

4.1.3 Faculty Relations

a. Communicates college/ library goals and objectives to faculty.

b. Promotes excellence in teaching.

c. Promotes faculty research and other scholarly activity.

d. Provides support for faculty professional development.

e. Creates and maintains an environment for open exchange of ideas.

4.1.4 External Relations

a. Serves as an effective liaison with the local and regional community.

b. Creates a positive image of the college/ library in the local and regional community.

c. Encourages and promotes efforts to increase internal support.

d. Establishes and maintains a coordinated external fundraising plan.

e. Supports University’s efforts in student recruitment.

4.2 Evaluation Procedure

4.2.1 Committee Composition

Each college/ library will form a Dean Evaluation Committee. The committee will be appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs no later than March 15 from a list of tenured or tenure-track faculty with no direct reporting relationship to the Dean. Each committee will be composed of five (5) tenured or tenure-track faculty, and one (1) ASBSU Assembly Member from the college. The library committee will be composed of three (3) or four (4) tenured or tenure-track faculty.

4.2.2 Committee Duties

The evaluation committee will request information on the approved University form to be completed by all college/ library tenured and tenure-track faculty. The forms will be submitted directly to the Institutional Research (IR) office for compilation. After receiving the quantitative and qualitative compilation from the IR office, the committee will prepare its analysis of the information, and forward the results to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to April 30th.

4.2.3 IR Duties

The IR office will compile the quantitative input and type up the qualitative comments. It will forward compiled information to the college/library Dean Evaluation Committee. It will forward the original handwritten evaluation forms to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for subsequent shredding.

4.2.4 Self-Evaluation

Each Dean will complete a self-evaluation, using the approved University form and forward the self-evaluation directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to April 15.

4.2.5 Discussion of Evaluations with Respective Dean

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will discuss the evaluations with the respective Dean prior to June 15, annually.

Revision History

July 1995; February 2010; April 2014